4 benefits of moving to Tulsa, OK after having kids

After you have kids, you need to rethink many things about your life. Do you need a better job, is the city you live in family-friendly? Is a relocation necessary so your family has a better life? Most people think that moving to a new city will help them improve their family life and make dealing with kids easier. But then another question arises -where to relocate after having kids. We think that Tulsa, Oklahoma is a good city to make your new home. The USA Moving will tell you about the 4 benefits of moving to Tulsa, OK after having kids.

Lower cost of living by moving to Tulsa , OK

When you have kids, the first thing most people worry about is their finances. The best way to have more money to spend on your kids is to move to a cheaper place. Therefore, the first benefit of living in Tulsa is the low cost of living. 

Oklahoma is one of the most affordable states in the country. And Tulsa is one of the least priced cities in the county. The cost of living in Tulsa is 17% lower than the national average. If you relocate to Tulsa with the help of Bigger Better Movers, your daily expenses will drop leaving you with more funds that you can spend on your kids. 

Pink piggy bank which you can fill after moving to Tulsa, OK
The low cost of living in Tulsa will allow you to save money for your kid’s college.

You can afford a family home in Tulsa 

When people have kids, they want to give them complete freedom to run around and explore. Kids can not have complete freedom if they are trapped in an apartment.

Well, once in Tulsa, you can afford a home with no problems. The median home cost is 50% lower than the national average. You can get a house in Tulsa for 150,000 dollars. When you are moving into your new home in Tulsa, try and avoid moving scams.

You will have access to plenty of family activities once you’ve moved to Tulsa with kids

The third benefit of living in Tulsa is the family-friendly activities. As soon as you have kids, you can not think about what is fun for you. But have to consider their need. That is why a city like Tulsa, with many family activities, is great for your kids. Here is where you can take your kids in Tulsa: 

  •  Meadow Gold District
  • Tulsa Zoo
  •  Oklahoma Aquarium
brown bear and baby bear in a zoo
After moving to Tulsa, OK, visit the local zoo with your family.

Outdoor activities make Tulsa a great place for kids 

By moving to Tulsa, OK with kids, you will have plenty of outdoor areas. Kids today seem to avoid outdoor activities and prefer to spend time inside. You have to strike a balance from an early age between outdoor and indoor activities. Therefore, from time to time, take your kids to these places – Tulsa Garden Center, Centennial Park, or Oxley Nature Center. To make your relocation to Tulsa less tiring for you and your family, learn how to deal with moving stress.

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