5 items you should toss before moving

Moving is not an easy process even if you have moving assistance by your side. Moving without a professional moving company is not something you should do no matter how big or small your move is or how short or long distance it is. Professional movers make moving a lot easier which is why hiring them is very important. But this isn’t the only way to make moving easier. You also need to declutter your home. Decluttering your home means having fewer things to pack for a relocation. This makes relocation not only easier but cheaper as well. This is because the cost of your move is determined by the distance of the move and the number of things you are moving. And here is where you can read what are the five items you should toss before moving. These are mostly the things that you don’ really need to own which is why tossing them away is recommended.

Kitchen supplies

One of the things we all have in our homes is kitchen appliances and supplies. And a lot of us tend to have more of them than we really need. Moving the things that you don’t need is not what you should be doing for plenty of reasons. This is why decluttering your kitchen and tossing away the things that you don’t use is what we recommend doing. Get rid of all the extra bowls, old mugs, glasses you don’t use, and any other things that you might have in your kitchen.

Kitchen supplies.
Get rid of everything that you don’t use regularly.

Old clothes

Keeping clothing you don’t wear just makes your closet a mess. Clothes are not easy to store away. It takes up a lot of space and it is heavy. It can also get ruined over time if it is not stored properly. Why make yourself do more work by keeping these items? Simply get rid of them. You don’t have to throw the clothing away. Donate it. You will be helping both yourself and others this way.


If you have children, you surely have plenty of toys in your home. And toys can be a nightmare to pack up and move. When you add them all together, they are very bulky to pack. Your children are growing continuously, why keep all the toys? There are surely some your children don’t play with. Toss them away if they are broken or donate them to children in need.

Toy in a box.
There is no point in moving the toys your children don’t need.


Books are heavy and moving them just makes your move bigger and heavier which will make it more expensive as well. This is why books are items you should toss before moving. You surely won’t re-read all of the books that you own and you don’t need all of them. Either donate the ones you don’t need to a library, gift them to family and friends, or sell them. This means that you can even earn some money for the move.

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies areĀ items you should toss before moving. Moving cleaning supplies is not the safest thing to do even when moving with movers. If they get spilled, they can cause a lot of damage. This is why getting rid of them before moving is what we would recommend.

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