6 things to know before moving to Brooklyn

Moving into NYC can be quite an experience. Living in such a high and well-known city can be an adventure. However, when moving in there are many options to choose from. There are five amazing boroughs and many great neighborhoods to choose from. Brooklyn is one of them, and it surely stands out. A city in its own right this is the most iconic borough in New York City. With its particular character and charm, it is a place that draws people in. But, if you are thinking of moving here you might experience a culture shock. So, try to get informed. To get you on a right track, we will present a few things to know before moving to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn – the iconic place to be

Once a city in its own right Brooklyn is a place that has its own persona and charm. Everywhere you set foot there is a piece of New York history to see and experience. This is a place of diversity and a true melting pot of cultures, religions languages, and yes most deliciously, cuisines. The borough of Brooklyn is a place that is home to over 2.5 million people from all over the world and the USA. It is a cultural center, a hipster paradise, and a hip and unique part of the Big Apple.

Housing in Brooklyn is what you should know before moving to Brooklyn
There is heritage, history, and great architecture here

With ist always developing economy, and a booming job market it is a magnet for professionals that are looking to move in. In addition, it offers great schooling opportunities and provides a sense of community and togetherness. These are all reasons that are making people take action call usantini.com to start moving here. But before your movers arrive to load your things onto the moving truck there is much more to know. Learn all you can about Brookly as it will help you prepare for the good and bad of this borough. So, here are at least 6 things to know before moving to Brooklyn to get you on the right track:

  • Brooklyn is famous
  • It is expensive
  • Brooklyn is well connected
  • It’s a melting pot (pun intended)
  • It has great parks and nature
  • Museums and culture

Brooklyn is famous

You might not be aware of this fact but Brooklyn is a star. Chances are you know Brooklyn much better than your think. The most iconic shots of NYC in many movies and TV shows are shot here. The most recognizable architecture, tree-lined streets, the Manhattan bridge, etc were shot in the most iconic neighborhoods in Brooklyn. To name a few, the most well-known shots of the Manhattan bridge are shot from DUMBO. Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass is the most iconic place with many art galleries, fancy shops, and trendy markets. The area provides the best view of Manhattan.

Williamsburg neighborhood is well known for its rich nightlife, dance clubs, and art galleries. It offers the hipster experience and lifestyle associated with Brooklyn. Park slope is more suitable for families looking for a quieter and tight-knit community. Many great schools are located here with great family-friendly amenities. Bedford – Stuyvesant, Clinton Hill, and Brooklyn Heights will remain our honorable mentions.

It is expensive

Brooklyn is very expensive to live in. In fact, it is the most expensive place to live in the US.  Household prices are in the range of 700k while monthly rent is over 2,500 dollars. This makes it very hard to find an acceptable place to live in. You will be forced to go househunting for a while before settling in. Also, consider other expenses and costs before choosing a neighborhood. But, it is important to know that in Brooklyn you won’t need a car which leads us to the next point.

People on subway station
Brooklyn is very well connected

Brooklyn is well connected

You can get to any part of the city from Brooklyn and art any time. It is connected to the rest of NYC by subway lines. This is the fastest and most affordable way of moving through the cost. But Brooklyn is also known for its 300 miles of bicycle lanes which makes it very easy to navigate. In addition, it also has a great bus transportation system. The ferry system is the easiest way of commuting for those living on the riverfront. This is also the fastest way of commuting to Manhattan across the Hudson.

It’s a melting pot (pun intended)

With many different ethnic groups and nationalities living here, Brooklyn is very diverse. It is truly a melting pot of cultures which is one of the things to know before moving to Brooklyn. This also translates into the multitude of local cuisines. You can experience every taste from Jamaican to Italian, Indian, Pakistani, or Turkish cuisine. There are many ethnic restaurants that are very popular here with many new ones constantly opening.

It has great parks and nature

Brookly also offers a great escape from the concrete jungle. Many parks and green spaces are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the day outside. This is also a reason why you should move here with your families. Professional movers and their skilled people can help any family settle in easily. Reliable, responsible, and punctual movers in downtown Brooklyn are always at their disposal to help families move. Once they do they have many parks to choose from. Prospect park is the staple of Brookly as much as NYC is known for its Central Park. Brooklyn bridge park and Greenwood cemetery are also well known. However for enjoying tome outside Brooklyn also offers Coney Islan, Brighton beach, Manhattan Beach. These places are great for some outdoor fun and enjoyment for the whole family.

Prospect park
There is great nature and many parks to enjoy in Brooklyn

Museums and culture

Brooklyn is also a place of culture. It has many Museums and institutions that offer you a glimpse into the history and some world-renowned art. So, come here to visit the Brooklyn Museum, NY Transit Museum, and Museum of Food and drink. You will also have a good time if you visit the Brooklyn Historical Society and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Start packing for Brooklyn

Moving to Brooklyn is a great and unique experience. Its charm, history, and culture are unparalleled and you will certainly enjoy it. Researching these things to know before moving to Brooklyn will help you make this step and feel more comfortable about New York and the Borough of Brooklyn.

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