6 things you should not pack when moving from Canada to the USA

The United States of America has become synonymous with a life full of excitement. The whole world already knows very well that the life lived there is like a dream. It is a gathering place, a center where opportunities, trends, and current events intersect and create. If you want to try your luck and achieve something more, pack your bags and buy a one-way ticket. If you are leaving Canada, there are some tricks that might help you with relocation. For a start, there are some things you shouldn’t pack when moving from Canada to the USA. Use every trick that can make this period easier for you.

Organize moving from Canada to the USA the best you can

Moving from Canada to the USA is a big step and a massive change. Not only that you are going to a completely different country, but also a different mindset of people and laws awaits you. Because of that, there are some things you should not pack when moving. In order to avoid CBP (Customs and Border Protection) problems leave them behind. They have two major sections when we talk about the things you should not bring with you. Some items in the USA  are prohibited and restricted. This is important to know.  The only thing with which you will not have problems and about which you will not have to think a lot is moving if you reach out to skilled pros. They will help you all the way through the process and support you in each phase of moving.

Don’t waste your luggage space on unnecessary items

There is a difference between things you don’t need in a new location and things you need, things you will pack but can’t bring across the border. You can determine the first by simple selection and setting priorities. You have to inform yourself about others in time. The most common items which are not welcome in the United States of America are the following:

  • Alcoholic and hallucinogen beverages
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Cultural artifacts
  • Firearms
  • Game and hunting trophies
  • Dog or cat fur

Things you don’ need

Alcohol, in general, is not forbidden and prohibited. During the move, you will face the laws of the country through which you plan to enter the US and they will determine the amount of alcohol you can bring. In some cases, you may even need a license. If planning to bring alcohol with you, be sure to contact the state’s applicable alcoholic beverage control board. On the other, some alcoholic beverages like Absinthe contain hallucinogens in small amounts. This is usually prohibited, but you can always find some exceptions. Those are not the things, in general, that you want to be found in your bag when moving from Canada to the USA.

Alcohol is the thing you shouldn’t not pack when moving from Canada to the USA
This is not a smart choice when packing your bags

Bring a packed snack instead of a fresh food

There is a simple explanation for this rule. Fresh vegetables and fruits can introduce plant pests or diseases into the United States. This is the way to protect the native plants. A good example of problems that were caused by imported fruits and vegetables was the Mediterranean fruit fly outbreak during the 80s. The outbreak in the end cost the state of California approximately 100 million US dollars to get rid of this pest. One traveler who brought home one contaminated piece of fruit caused this huge outbreak. You can always pack some snacks for the trip

Some things should stay in the country they came from

Almost every country in the world has laws that protect and prevent destroying and moving another country’s cultural heritage and artifacts. The US has strict rules about this.  If you want to bring this kind of item when moving from Canada to the USA, you will need a lot of paperwork. From documents that prove that you are a legal owner then the way and means of acquiring such artifact and prof of the country of origin that you are allowed to transfer such item into the USA. You also need to pack and move that item with the greatest precaution and care. In that case, always rely on professionals.

Safety first

Possessing a firearm in Canada is normal because they are hunting lovers. When moving from Canada to the USA, in most cases if you can’t bring your firearm with you. Always ask about this because that could depend on several factors. There are services that regulate and restrict firearms and ammunition and also approve all permanent import transactions involving these two. When importing weapons or ammunition to the USA, you must go through a licensed importer, dealer, or manufacturer. If the National Firearms Act prohibits certain ammunition or weapon from coming into the USA, you won’t be able to import them.

Gun pointed in the palm
Gun control is important

Bring your achievements with you

Canadian people are well known as renowned world hunters. With such tile, it is most like you pose some hunting or game trophy. This is regulated by some laws and services. They will provide you with all the required pieces of information. There are currently 14 points of entry to the US that are designated to handle game trophies. Trophies may also be checked by CBP for sanitary purposes. Planning to bring a game or trophy when moving from Canada to the USA will make you quite large paperwork, so it is not suitable to bring those. On the other hand, if you really want them and all conditions are met, centennialmoving.ca will help you to pack them properly and do safe transport to your new address.

The USA has animal protection laws

It is illegal in the United States of America to import, export, transport, manufacture, or sell products containing dog or cat fur.  There is a dog and cat protection act. It was started to be enforced and calls for the seizure and forfeiture of each product, or item that contains a dog or cat fur. With this in mind, just do not brings such item to the USA.

Person in a rabbit costume
Fur is a big NO

Do not overburden yourself when packing for your move from Canada to the USA. In principle, take care of the things that you really need and the things that, no matter how much you want to, you cannot transfer across the border. This will help you save a lot of space in your suitcases and make your move easier.

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