7 reasons to visit Manchester, NH this fall

Although it is best known for its political role in voting Manchester New Hampshire is a lot more than that. There is so much more than this city in the Granite State has to offer to simply list and explain. But be assured that you must visit to experience this city and area. Besides the NH cities that attract professionals, Manchester is different. It is a great destination to visit and settle in as it represents a specific art and cultural destination with great history, nature, and the great outdoors. So, let’s list at least seven reasons to visit Manchester. All of them make it a perfect weekend getaway.

Manchester NH in short

Manchester is one of the charming and fascinating cities in the state of New Hampshire. It is a place rich in history and with a bustling urban center. It flourished from a small mill town to a city that simply is the must-visit destination. However, it seems that people also tend to move here as local experts from  mybrooksmoving.com can testify.

A street in a small town
New Hampshire has a particular charm and it is a must-visit destination

People flock here to experience the art scene, culture, and entertainment in the city. With many parks and nature, there are a lot of recreation opportunities and spots to take advantage of. With all this, it is clear why Manchester is drawing people in. No wonder its population of 100.000 people is growing.

Top reasons to visit Manchester

We already mentioned some but there is so much more to list here that it’s simply not possible. So, let’s make a shortlist of 7 reasons to visit Manchester:

  • Nature and parks,
  • Culture and education,
  • History,
  • Multicultural environment,
  • Sports,
  • Entertainment,
  • Food.

Nature and parks

Manchester is great for nature lovers. You can have a great time enjoying nature in and around the city. The city is surrounded by dense forests and you can also explore nearby parks. There is always something new to find and explore while enjoying the fresh air. The nature in Manchester offers a great outdoor relaxation opportunity no matter the season.

Outdoors offer a great opportunity for family fun and bonding. One of the local treasures is the Massabesic Lake. This place is ideal for family fun and outdoor activities. With many picnicking, biking, and hiking trails there’s is something for everyone. You can also rent canoes and kayaks as well as for sailing and fishing on the lake.

Culture and education

This city offers a lot of cultural and educational opportunities. It is a great destination for art lovers and offers a Currier Museum of Art featuring the works of Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet. It also hosts displays of sculptures, glass, ceramic, and furniture art.  As part of the museum, Manchester is also home to the Zimmerman House designed by the renowned Frank Lloyd Wright.

You can also explore SEE Science Center for a good and quality family and educational time. Explore some science and learn more about the world around us. Machester is also a college town so it offers great opportunities for those looking for a good education. Do some research for colleges in and around the town. You are bound to find the perfect opportunity for yourself.


This city has a rich history. So you can explore the Native American Great Fishing Place. This is an Amoskeag Fishways learning and Visiting center. It covers the topic of the region’s fishing history dating back to the native Americans. The place also and has an interactive exhibit.

You can also visit the Milliard Museum which represents the textile manufacturing history of the City. This museum also covers the history of textile production from the days of Native Americans, through the days of child labor to modern times.

River and hills in fall
Untouched nature and outdoor activities are the reason to visit Manchester

Multicultural environment

Manchester is multicultural. It offers the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and religions. You can always learn and find out new things about them. The cities population is diverse and welcoming so you will never feel alone here. The warm and friendly atmosphere is what you can expect in Manchester no matter whether you are only visiting or moving here to stay.


Manchester is home to a minor league baseball team. So, you can pay a visit to the Northern Delta Dental Stadium to catch a game while you are in town. Make a baseball day a family-friendly event and a way to entertain the children.


Manchester is a place of diverse entertainment opportunities and fun. With many bars, restaurants, and events this city is a place that offers great entertainment. You will never get bored here. You will be able to meet new people anywhere you go and especially when you move here. You can expect the opportunity to explore and get to know the city in your way.

For some well-spent time also visit the Palace Theather for a show. This historic theater building once hosted to names in entertainment. During the seventies, the building was renovated and reopened. Now theater hosts several comedians, and musicians as well as ballets and musical plays. Make sure you check the events on offer during your visit and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience.

Food and Dining

A walk along Elm street will open a world of new experiences in Dining. Many cafes and restaurants are there to satisfy your dining desires. Whether it is only to have coffee and a muffin or a full meal you will have plenty of options to chose from.

An old school building in winter
Schooling, arts, education, and history are what you need to explore when you visit Manchester.

You can enjoy meals from locally sourced produce and also try some Craft Beers from the area. Make sure to visit the Firefly American Bistro and Bar for a taste of classic American means. For fish and specific local recipes to more than 50 vines served everyone can find a perfectly suited dining experience.

Visiting and moving – Manchester

So, coming to manchester can be a great experience. The place is easy to adopt and adapt to. This is the reason why many decide to move here after visiting. If you decide to do so you will find a great and friendly community. Everyone will be ready to lend a hand and help you settle into your new place. Many local movers will also be ready to assist you with any service you require to make your move easier.

Take the days off!

So, make sure you take some time and come to visit Manchester. There are many reasons to do so and you won’t regret it. We can list at least 7 reasons to visit Manchester but make the trip, you will find the best one for you, and who knows you just might decide to stay.  You can even prepare to move here and try to meet other people while in college.

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