7 Reasons Why Texas Is Loved Among Musicians

Few states, although not all countries, can match Texas’s musical heritage. Tejano sounds have grown as much as improvisational jazz. The blues became a cultural force. And you’re delusional if you don’t believe Houston’s hip-hop scene affected the rest of the country’s sound. But unlike California or New York, the majority of our musical icons are native to the area. That’s certainly something. From Buddy Holly’s proto-rock to Ornette Coleman’s jazz escapades, Texas’s musical output spans so many different styles and genres. Defining this music in mainstream styles is impossible and that fact alone is definitely one of the reasons why Texas is loved among musicians. 

The main reasons why Texas is loved among musicians

You are a musician or wish to pursue a musical career?  In either case, here are 7 reasons why Texas is loved by musicians, so have a look and consider relocating.

1. Texas is the home to several musical styles and many famous artists

Texans are rightfully proud of their state. It has a rich history, culture, and beautiful nature to share. And when it comes to entertainment, especially music, Texans created some of the industry’s largest and most well-known talents.

Whether they’ve been born here, grew up here, or have just started musical careers over here, we’ll mention some of Texas’ most famous musicians. The list is extensive, but a few notable names include Janis Joplin, Beyoncé, Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Travis Scott, Black Pumas, Buddy Holly, Khalid, Solange, and many many more. 

2. A wide range of musical styles united

The music of Texas is as varied as its citizens and landscape. Western swing, which incorporates a variety of country, blues, pop, and big-band jazz, is a result of cross-pollination in Texas. Conjunto music, on the other side, is a hybrid of traditional Mexican tunes, polkas, and other European musical influences.

large band with trumpets and drums
Conjunto music, on the other side, is a hybrid of traditional Mexican tunes, polkas, and other European musical influences

So, as we already said, Tejano and Conjunto music, Rock ‘n Roll, Western swing, jazz, punk rock, country, hip-hop, electronic music, gothic industrial music, religious music, mariachi, psychedelic rock, zydeco, and the blues were all initiated by Texans. What musician wouldn’t want to be a part of something like that?

3.  It’s home to Austin, the World’s Live Music Capital

Have you ever wondered why Austin is considered the World’s Live Music Capital? After it was revealed that Austin seems to have more live music venues than any other city in the country, the slogan was announced officially in 1991. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the noise of over 1900 groups and performers that call this city home. From country and blues to indie rock and jazz-rock, Austin’s roughly 200 live music venues ensure that you can catch a live gig practically any day of the week. That fact alone might very well make you want to live here as a musician. Lucky for you, should that be the case, there are plenty of interesting facts to hear and things to do in this great place.

an trumpet player and a microphone
Austin seems to have more live music venues per person than any other city in the country, so the reasons why Texas is loved among musicians are more than clear.

4. The Texas Arts Commission

The Texas Touring Arts Program is a state-funded initiative. It promotes the Texas Touring Arts Program and funds concerts and lectures by excellent Texas-based groups and artists in urban and rural regions. The TCA Texas Touring Arts Program Presenter Roster is a roster of presenters for the Touring Arts Program in cities around Texas. This list might be useful for planning trips in Texas or locating complementary entertainment venues.

5.  The abundance of information presented by the Texas Department of Economic Development and Tourism

Texas culture is as diverse and varied as the individuals who call this state home. Country, western, rock & roll, Tejano, blues, jazz, and gospel are all represented. Every one of these things can sometimes be bundled into one. But, beyond everything, Texas music gets defined by what a Texas artist chooses it should be. The Texas Economic Development and Tourism Division has a wealth of information about Texas music, including live music events, music attractions, and musicians.

6. The state is (mostly) welcoming to street musicians

Some areas of Texas are welcoming to street musicians, so you can spot people jamming and enjoying music, for a few bucks. In other areas, it’s against the law to collect money from random people.

However, in Houston, street performance (known as “busking”) is prohibited everywhere except in the Theater District. It’s a small area comprising only a few streets. Furthermore, busking musicians must go through the difficult process of gaining double authorization. One from the city and the other from surrounding property owners before playing a single note in front of it. Houston’s restrictive busking laws must get to an end, though. Musicians should be allowed to use their First Amendment rights.

In Austin, busking is legal and therefore does not require a permit unless you perform in one of the city’s parks. Only acoustic performances with sound levels of 85 dB or below, with no amplification are acceptable.

So, if you’re planning on playing any musical instrument on the streets of Texas, make sure the law allows for it.

7. Opportunities and fun are endless

One of the biggest reasons why Texas is loved among musicians lies in its business opportunities and collaborations. It is also a genuinely vibrant, and exciting place. Not to mention the food, landscapes, friendliness, and nightlife. So it’s no wonder why Texas is amongst the favorites. You might consider hiring a moving company if you’re relocating to Texas. They will relieve you of tension, and relocate your possessions for a nominal fee and reasonable time. Our friends at  heavenlymove.com advise you to be cautious when transporting instruments, especially if they are large and fragile.

Musical instruments are not packed in the same way as other items, so look for a company that specializes in this field. No matter what sort of instrument you’re transferring, it goes without saying that adequate wrapping is crucial. 

piano ready for transportation
Consider hiring a moving company so that you don’t end up damaging your instrument.

Some instruments, such as the piano, do need expert handling. You should never take chances since you may probably end up damaging your instrument as well as your health. The very last thing that you want is a heavy instrument crashing on you. So you should consider hiring a moving company because they can help you transfer it properly. Furthermore, they can ensure neither you nor your beloved instrument gets injured mid-transit.


If you’re a musician or want to be one, these reasons why Texas is loved among musicians should be enough to persuade you to relocate and begin or continue your musical career here.

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