7 things that make Crestview FL unique

Because of the relatively reasonable housing, excellent schools, and close proximity to the lovely gemstones and snow-white coastlines, Crestview is a highly popular destination for families and elderly people to settle down. We think you’ll discover things that make Crestview FL unique and to be the area you wish to make your home.

Things that make Crestview FL unique at the palm of your hand

The population of Crestview’s new community is extremely diversified. When it comes to chances for success in this community there is a lot to offer. Many higher education institutions that can support you on your route to success are nearby Crestview. There are numerous campuses of Northwest Florida State College in Okaloosa County that grant two- and four-year programs. You can see other small towns in Florida if the things that make Crestview just aren’t for you. Chances are you will fall in love with this city.

Researching what to do while in Crestview city
Do your research on Crestview city. Therefore, you can go and visit to see it for yourself.

This city is great for many various reasons. You can have a completely different set of lists than another person. We will show you just a few reasons why Crestview city is great. Some of the reasons are the following

  • Twin Hills Park
  • Henderson Beach
  • The Air Force Armament Museum
  • Emerald Coast Science Center
  • The Indian Temple Mound Museum
  • Emerald Coast Wildlife Park
  • Peaden Brothers Distillery

These are just 7 things that make this place unique. You will be able to find many more. If you want to move to this city then visit professionals at Best Movers in Florida. They will be there to help you through the whole process. The experience they have will let them offer you a smooth relocation from your old to the new home. Your belongings will be with you without any damage when you hire professionals.

Twin Hills Park will give you the exercises you need

Twin Hills Park, which spans more than 20 acres. It is full of beautiful outdoors and sporting attractions that appeal to the energetic community. Courts for tennis, hoops, and volleyball are well-liked, as is the indoor gym, which is especially well-liked when the weather doesn’t permit going outside. The park’s highlight is a lake that is accompanied by walkways, picnic tables, barbecue grills, and covered seating spaces.

A special children’s play area full of brand-new toys is also available. The Parks and Recreation Department manages the facility, which provides a range of sports leagues for players of all ages. But be sure to avoid common moving mistakes when getting to this city. Doing some research will help you do this.

In Henderson Beach, you can watch the stars

The opening to Henderson Beach State Park is close enough for people living in Crestview to take a simple day trip there. It has more than a mile of shoreline located along the blue seas of the northern Gulf of Mexico. The park’s main attractions are undoubtedly the sugary white sand beaches and gentle waves. But there are also playgrounds, shaded tents with built-in grills, and natural trails that are excellent for picnics.

Camping under the sky
Enjoy a night outside just watching the stars. Get the opportunity to connect to nature nd enjoy things that make Crestview FL unique.

There are plenty of showers for people returning home after a hard day. And there are campgrounds for those who would prefer to sleep beneath the stars. You can do this when you reach your new home safely as experienced movers can help you to have a smooth and safe relocation.

Air Force Museum is one of the things that make Crestview amazing

The Air Force Armament Museum is a top-notch establishment. The displays in the Air Force Museum are mostly focused on the Korean and Vietnam Wars. As well as more recent conflicts in Iran and Afghanistan. The reconstructed airplanes serve as the focal point of the museum. One of the most well-known. Is the enormous, otherworldly-looking SR-71 Blackbird, which, decades after its introduction, is still the fastest plane ever made.

Emerald Coast Science Center is a great learning estamphlisment

The Gulf of Mexico’s coastline is known as the “Emerald Coast” because of the captivating colors of blue that the water could indeed take on. Ranging from jade, turquoise, and incredible aquamarine. This region is a favorite among savvy tourists. Who want to incorporate some educational experiences into their children’s vacation plans.

The center’s engaging activities include a variety of subjects. Including history, society, physics, and robotics, as well as science and the natural environment. Various guided learning activities are provided by the staff in addition to the regular exhibitions. So be sure to pack properly when moving from Canada to the USA. Then you can go to this great center and explore other things that make Crestview FL unique.

The Indian Temple Mound Museum will amaze you

Before people of European ancestry discovered, colonized, and inhabited Florida. Native Americans lived there for thousands of years. The mounds are believed to have been holy places where the ancient people worshipped the powers. They believed provided them with food and other necessities for survival. Primarily through fishing, gathering, and farming. One of the bigger ones will have stairs that people can go up to. If they have enough energy. And the museum itself has a ton of interesting and educational displays. 

Emerald Coast Wildlife Park is a rescue Zoo you can visit

This Wildlife Park opened its doors in 2013 compared to other Florida parks. It is one of Crestview’s largest wildlife parks. And it occupies 4 hectares of the area. Visitors will get the opportunity to witness about 100 creatures. In 35 different kinds in this setting. Including exotic animals like wolves, tigers, and spider monkeys. The Emerald Coast Wildlife Park is a rescue zoo.

Learning in groups is among things that make Crestview so great
Learning is amazing in this place. Therefore, be ready for some awesome facts.

That is currently run by a non-profit group. Which is one of the park’s most intriguing facts. The park personnel is very knowledgeable. And will assist visitors with their questions. Additionally, If you want to buy a souvenir to take home. There is also a tiny gift shop nearby with extremely affordable prices.

Among the great things that make Crestview is alcohol

The place was first established in 2014. And is run by business partners Tyler Peaden and Robert Ellis. It produces alcoholic beverages using traditional family moonshine and liqueur recipes. The company sells five different types of alcohol all year long. Including Strawberry Angel Whiskey, which is named after Peaden’s late daughter. Shock While Cherry Da Bomb and Blue Berry Curve both have strawberry and blueberry tastes.

The Monkey Whiskey stands out for its distinctive banana flavor. The company also creates a typical corn-based moonshine. With flavors reminiscent of old-fashioned bootleg moonshine. The company’s tasting facility is open to the public Wednesday through Saturday for drink tastings. It’s also one of the things that make Crestview FL unique and enjoyable.

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