A walkthrough to NYC boroughs: 3 things you need to know about each

New York City is fascinating, exciting, fun, popular and there is so much to learn about this amazing city. It has 5 boroughs and each one of them is different and unique. If you are planning a relocation to New York, you should first choose a place where you want to live. The following walkthrough to NYC boroughs will help you make the final decision. It is so much fun to learn and explore this city because it has so much to offer. After all, NYC is one of the most popular cities in the world, not only in the USA.

A quick walkthrough to NYC boroughs

Before starting to organize a relocation in NYC, research it and know where to move. It is a big decision and if you have never lived in NYC before, it may be confusing and hard to decide. That is why having a simple guide may help you a lot.

A view of NYC.
New York City is so interesting and fun place


Manhattan, as one of the most famous NYC boroughs, people often research it first. It is impossible to describe this place in only 3 sentences, but, some key factors will help you in making a decision. Yes, experts are there to assist you when moving in. But, first – know what is interesting to know about Manhattan.

  1. Living here offers many advantages but, it is a very expensive place. Especially rent. The average rent per month is $4,000 this is one of the main reasons why people have a roommate here.
  2. Everything is happening in Manhattan. It is a place that never sleeps, literally. It has plenty of clubs, cafes, restaurants, museums, theaters, companies, and also, it is a financial center.
  3. Manhattan looks like a separate city, and that is why it has the nickname “The City”.

The Bronx

The Bronx is getting more and more popular among younger people. The main reason for that is affordable costs of living and a good connection to Manhattan. But, that is not the only thing you should know about this borough. Local movers will help you move here with ease. So, work with specialists nearby and besides that explore this place.

  1. Central Park is not the largest park in NYC, Pelham Bay Park is 3 times bigger and it is located in the Bronx. You can hike there, jog, do yoga, play golf, walk a dog, have a wedding, etc. If you want to be surrounded by amazing nature, move to the Bronx. Also, you can go to the zoo and The New York Botanical Garden.
  2. Co-Op City is the largest housing complex in the USA, it has 15,000 apartments and the complex contains 35 towers.
  3. The real name of the Bronx is Little Italy, so you will not need a walkthrough to NYC boroughs to try the best tomato sauce and pizza here.
Moving boxes.
If you are planning a relocation to NYC, you need to choose where to move first


What to know before moving to Brooklyn? Or if you are considering moving there, learn some fun facts.

  1. Public transportation is great and this borough is connected to Manhattan and Queens. It is very useful because a lot of people are commuting to The City every day. Take a subway or a bus and you will get anywhere you want.
  2. More and more young professionals are moving to Brooklyn. After a walkthrough to NYC boroughs, they see how many pros it has to offer. About 20% of the population in Brooklyn is between the ages of 25 and 35. Besides young professionals, many families with kids live here as well.
  3. The rent costs depend on the neighborhood, so you can pay $4,000 per month or $2,000. A good real estate agent will help you find less expensive homes.

If you want to move to Brooklyn and still save money on relocation, research affordable movers from New York. One of them can be found on movage-moving.com. Organize your relocation with ease when a moving company is by your side.


There’s no doubt, moving to Queens can be a great option. It is named after an actual queen – Queen Catherine of Braganza.

  1. Queens is technically part of Long Island, but it is NYC borough in 1683. The lifestyle in Queens is closer to the lifestyle in the rest of the NYC area. Here, you can have both. The suburban feel and places where you can have fun and go out with your friends.
  2. It is a very affordable place even it is part of NYC. Utility bills, rent, or transportation costs. Compared to other NYC boroughs, Queens is a lot more affordable. The further out you go from Manhattan, the prices are lower and lower.
  3. Both major New York airports are here located which is a big advantage. LaGuardia and JFK are big airports in the USA, but there are no official noise complaints.
A book of walkthrough to NYC boroughs
Before moving to NYC for good, learn some fun things about this amazing place

Staten Island

Staten Island (or just The Island) is often underestimated, but actually, it has a lot to offer. After exploring this place and researching more, you will see that it is amazing.

  • A surprising fact about Staten Island is that it is the second wealthiest borough. The median household income is around $82,500. Just to compare, the median household income in Manhattan is $86,000.
  • If you do not want to live in a too crowded a place such as Manhattan, Staten Island is a perfect choice. It is a large borough but the population is around 475,000.
  • 40% of the island is occupied by nature and beautiful parks. That is why Staten Island is a place where people with kids move.

If you will move to one of the famous Manhattan neighborhoods, you need to prepare your budget because rent will not be the only bill.

Are you ready to move?

This walkthrough to NYC boroughs will help you learn more about NYC. Being one of the most popular cities in the USA, New York City has a long history, interesting traditions, amazing people, and fun places to visit. You just need to explore it.

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