All you need to know about renting an office space in Financial District, Manhattan

Finding the perfect office space for your company can sometimes be pretty stressful. You can imagine how tough can it get. The whole process, from start to finish, will leave you with a couple of new grey hairs. Only preparations seem to last forever. Well, let’s try being less deterministic. There are ways you can make the process go smoother. Finding the right moving crew for the task is crucial. Don’t worry. You’re here probably because you’re on the lookout for office space in Manhattan’s Financial District. Who would’ve guessed, right? Let’s put aside our undoubtedly amazing probability skills and talk seriously about the matter you’re interested in. In the article below find out everything you need to know about renting an office space in Financial District, Manhattan.

How much will it cost?

We’ll start off with the question that is on everyone’s mind when it comes to renting office space in NYC: how much will it cost? When you have a city that big which is sometimes called the financial center of the world you can get pretty suspicious about the cost of a square ft. of office space. It’s pretty safe to assume that Financial District can be kind of pricey. There’s no doubt about it, at first glance. The name says it all, doesn’t it? Well, it depends on how you look at it. According to the Manhattan Market Report, the price of a square ft. in the Financial District is about $66 for Class A and $53 for Class B office space. It turns out Financial District is one of the most affordable areas in NYC for renting office space. Never judge a book by its cover, someone once said. Who could’ve guessed renting office space near Wall Street can be so affordable? Of course, that is – by NYC standards.

Building viewed from the street in the Financial District, Manhattan. Renting office space in the Financial District is quite affordable.
Who would’ve thought? Renting office space in the Financial District, Manhattan is quite affordable by NYC standards.

A few cool facts you might want to know

Now, let’s talk about some cool facts about Financial District, Manhattan. If you’re planning on renting office space here, you’ll want to know a thing or a two about the Financial District curiosities. So, shall we start? There isn’t an area in NYC so neatly connected to the other parts of the city by public transportation routes. Did you know that when the subways were built they were all pointed to Financial District? Isn’t that amazing? No wonder it’s the busiest part of NYC. To paraphrase an old saying: all roads lead to Financial District. Now we’re getting quite silly over here but hopefully, you don’t mind at all. Also, four out five East Side trains run under Broadway. Your employees will appreciate that.

Great moving services in the area

Enough silly talk, even though knowing some cool facts about the area you’re working in cannot hurt. As we’ve mentioned earlier, moving can be a hard process, a tough pill to swallow. Just picture moving your office anywhere from its current place and there you have it: your heart goes racing and you’re feeling a bit dizzy. It can be avoided, just so you know. You’re in luck. Financial District movers are well-known for their expertise. That’s should come as no surprise once you figure out the fact they’re working in and out of the financial center of the world. You shouldn’t worry a bit because skilled teams can jump in whenever and wherever in the area you’d need them. Feel free to enjoy the district’s quality moving services market.

A person holding a box that says OFFICE
With the right moving provider, relocating your office to Financial District, Manhattan can feel as easy as the picture above.

After-work activities etc.

When the working day is nearing its long-awaited end, your employees will want to go out for a drink or two somewhere in the area. That’s probably one of the most natural human needs today. Okay, that may very well be overemphasized, but having great bars and restaurants near your office is always a big plus. Financial District, Manhattan is pretty famous for its quality offer of bars where your employees can take a break, or enjoy an after-work drink. Taking a break from the busy office environment is something your employees see as a basic human need and it surely is one. They’ll love the bar scene in Financial District, no doubt about it.

Storage services in Financial District, Manhattan

Moving your workspace can also mean you’re gonna have a lot of stuff that just won’t do in your new office. Some of it you’ll throw away but some of it you’ll insist on keeping. So, where do you go with all that material? Well, Financial District offers great short-term storage service providers. While you figure out what to do with it all the stuff you’ve moved, a temporary solution might be best for you and your employees. Seeing how office relocations can get a bit messy, renting short-term storage space is a great way for you to make it more organized. Also, knowing your property is safely secured and locked somewhere means a lot during the process.

A storage facility
Renting short-term storage space is sometimes a lifesaver in the process of office relocation.

A quick summary

As you could’ve read in the article above, relocating to Financial District, Manhattan seems pricey and tough at first, but once you look at the facts you get a totally different picture. Best way to ensure your office move will go down in history as the smoothest relocation ever¬†is by hiring professional moving crews available in the area. Financial District’s commercial moving scene is quite good. And how couldn’t it be like that? The tip of Manhattan is the financial center of the world. With lots of great bars and restaurants in the area, your employees will surely enjoy working in Financial District. We almost forgot that you also like to enjoy your after-work hours. Invite your employees for a drink after a long working day. We’re getting off the subject here, but there’s pretty much nothing left to say. Everything you need is above, in the text. Good luck with your relocation.

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