Best cities in Baltimore County to start a small business

Maryland is one of the states that we believe moving to is the best idea ever. There are plenty of reasons why we think so. For starters, Maryland is a very safe state. It has plenty of other qualities as well. One of them would be the fact that there are plenty of amazing cities to live in. Some are better for retirees and some for young families. But as you are here, reading this, you are probably searching for the best cities in Maryland to start a small business in. Maryland is not a big state but there are a couple of counties to choose from. Choosing a county first helps you narrow down your research on the best cities. And Baltimore County is one of the most popular moving destinations in Maryland. This is because of the fact that it is a beautiful county to live in, and because the city of Baltimore is located there. But there are plenty of other reasons why this is so. A lot of people who move to Baltimore County also start a business because it is a good place to have one in. And we are here to tell you just what are some of the best cities in Baltimore to start a small business in.

Baltimore’s suburbs

There are plenty of people moving to Baltimore County but most are moving to one of many of Baltimore’s suburbs. This is why the first few towns we want to tell you more about are a couple of suburbs of Baltimore. Why starting a small business there is a good idea is obvious – it is close to Baltimore and plenty of people live there. Leaving the big city for a suburb is a great idea, especially this year.

Maryland is one of the best states to move to.


The first of the best cities in Baltimore County would have to be Hampton. This is a suburb of Baltimore and it is located just East of Towson which is an amazing Baltimore County city we will tell you more about later on. Hampton is a small town hence why starting a small business here is a good idea. There are just a couple of thousands of residents living in Hampton but more and more people have started gaining interest in moving here.

This is a town where you can do plenty of things but there are still plenty of things missing. This is why starting a small business here would be a good idea. There are plenty of options when it comes to starting a business in a place like Hampton. And there are plenty of places like Hampton in Baltimore County. Maryland is one of the top US states for entrepreneurs.

City of Baltimore.
Baltimore has plenty of amazing suburbs.


Right across on the other side of Towson another Baltimore suburb is a great place to call home and it goes by the name Pikesville. This is yet another small city where you have plenty of options when it comes to what type of business you can start. This is where plenty of retirees live which is why starting a business they can get use of would be a great idea. If you are a retiree yourself and looking for a place to move to and start a business, local moving experts can handle the transfer for you. This would be the best way to make relocation as stress-free as that is possible.

Other Baltimore suburbs to consider moving to:

  • Timonium
  • Mays Chapel
  • Catonsville
  • Cockeysville
  • Garrison.

Cities in Baltimore County

Now that you know about some of Baltimore’s suburbs, you might want to know more about some other cities in the county that you can relate to with¬†and start a small business. And as we already talked about Towson, this is the first one in a row. Towson is a very lovely place. It isn’t either a small or a big town, it is medium-sized. And we find this to be the perfect place for anyone. There are plenty of people moving to Towson. Plenty of elderly as well as plenty of young people.

This means that you have even more options when it comes to which small business to start. Diversity in age is an important factor because interests change over the years. For example, you will rarely meet a 16-year old who golf but almost every fifth person of 60 does. So, if moving to a city where plenty of young people live, starting a golfing-related business would not be the best idea. This is why “playing it safe” is much better. By this, we mean moving to a city where there are equally as many young people than the elderly, if not more. That is exactly what Towson is like.

Small Maryland town
Small Maryland towns are very charming.

Owings Mills

One of the best places to start a business in would surely be Owings Mills. This is a small town in Baltimore County with plenty of residents. There are around 35,000 people living here. This means that this is a perfect place to start a business in. It is a small town with a lot of people which means that your business will get noticed fast and that you will have plenty of people who could be potential customers.

This is also an amazing town to live in. It is very peaceful and safe. There are a couple of great schools here so there are plenty of young families with children moving to this place. This is another reason why starting a business here is not a bad idea at all. Business parents can have use of. Or even better, children. This type of business would be the best one to have. And if cities in Baltimore County don’t sound like the right place for you, Howard County is popular among millennials as well. Consider moving there and do research.

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