Best cities in Maine for young professionals in 2020

It’s not easy to start your career. Millennials are struggling with all the options, expectations, and other workplace challenges. One of them is choosing the place to live and start your business or join a company. If you’re about to move, you have to make a difficult decision. Which place is the best for you? Even though it’s a highly individual decision, and depends on a number of factors, we want to help you out. Here’s the list of the best cities in Maine for young professionals – something you should start your research from. We offer you the best recommendations so you can work your way to the final, most suitable decision.

How to make a list of the best cities in Maine for young professionals?

Well, to decide what the most attractive cities for those who need a great job are, there are certain factors to include in the research. These include the job market – both the unemployment rate and job growth factors are essential. Of course, there’s household income – probably the most important factor. Furthermore, those who will be moving to Maine for work need a home – what are the rental/buying prices in those cities? And finally – the quality of life. Does a city offer enough attractions, cultural or entertainment options for a young professional to spend their free time after work? All of these factors were included while making this list, so we can pick the best cities for young people to develop their careers. Let’s see the list.


This is a place where old and new make a perfect mix. Even though it was far away from an attractive place in the past, now it is a bustling city with around 20,000 residents. The unemployment rate is 4% – which is lower than the national average. When it comes to the median household income, it’s $40,555 – also lower than the national average, but it doesn’t stop Augusta to be one of the best cities in Maine for young professionals.


This small city in Maine definitely deserves to be on the list, since the predicted job growth is 38.20%. With the unemployment rate of around 4% – lower than the national average by 6%, Lebanon is definitely a place you should consider when moving to Maine.


Well, this one is one of the most popular options when it comes to the best cities in Maine for young professionals. It’s an oceanside place with great entertainment options and amazing food choices. When it comes to Portland offers a couple of very interesting neighborhoods to choose from – Parkside, Downtown, East End, West End, etc. All of these are great choices for a home that has that city vibe, but also close to the amazing natural spots.


Another amazing place in Maine, with a population of around $20,000.  What’s the best thing about it – sandy beaches that you can visit any time you want if you move to Saco. Another thing that’s interesting for young professionals – the unemployment rate of only 3%, which ranks this place in the top three in Maine. Furthermore, it’s a pretty safe place, with crime rates much lower than in some neighboring cities. The median household income is higher than in other cities from this list – $68,271. However, this results in higher housing costs, as well as higher living costs.

Moving to a new city – the necessary steps for young professionals

Once you decide to move to Maine and choose your favorite city, it’s time to start preparing. Even though there might be a lot of time until the moving day, it’s never too early to start moving preparations. An early moving plan will ensure you relocate without any problems, and most importantly without stress. Here are some things you shouldn’t forget to do before removing to Maine, especially when moving long-distance.

Relocate with ease

For a move that’s organized and stress-free, you need more than just a written plan. A professional moving company like can take care of your items and have them delivered at your new home in no time. This way, you can focus on your job more, and worry less about small moving details – and leave it to the experienced pros.

Learn more about your new hometown

It’s good to get to know your new city before you arrive. This means learning about how to get there, all the transportation options, local supermarkets, pharmacies, best restaurants, etc. Also, learn about local services you can use to move in easier. This will help you be less confused when you arrive, and settle down in your chosen city a lot faster. 

Start sorting out your things for packing

As we said, it’s never too early to start preparing for the move. Before you start putting items in boxes, go through your items and see what you can leave behind. most of us accumulate things over time, that will lonely east up your space and increase your moving costs. Declutter your home and then start packing.

Plan your moving budget

Moving costs can go a bit over the top if you’re not careful enough. Aside from paying the moving company, there are a lot of things you pay during the moving process which accumulate in a huge moving bill. So, to prevent spending more than necessary, it’s a good idea to write your moving budget and plan everything in detail. Seeing how much money you need or spend can be very helpful in actually saving money when moving. It’s easy to cut down some costs if you’re aware of all the things you need to pay. From spending too much on packing supplies to travel fees – there’s a lot to think about.


Our list of the best cities in Maine for young professionals is just a way to start your search. When moving to develop your career, you need to pick a city that completely suits your lifestyle and needs. A place where you will be happy and satisfied, and therefore more focused on your work. Therefore, take your time to choose the best place for your new life chapter. Good luck!

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