Best cities in Ohio to raise a family

Deciding to move to Ohio with your family can be one of the best decisions you can make. Ohio is known for being a great family place. It is a state of great opportunities that attract professionals with families from every part of the US. With this in mind, it is clear that you should research more about the state. To help you out we can present a list of the best cities in Ohio to raise a family. This list should only be a starting point when contempčlating a move to Ohio. So, before you start organizing and preparing your Ohio relocation make sure to first find a place that will suit you and your family the most.

Moving to Ohio

Before you start your move to Ohio be sure to make the necessary preparation. Your move can be a costly one so make sure to create a realistic budget. Also, make a detailed plan of your moving activities to make the relocation smooth and stress-free. However, keep in mind that the process of moving must be within your set budget. Also, be sure to hire professional movers to handle your move. Although you can probably do the move DIY any long-distance relocation might be too much.

Professionals can execute the move smoothly. They can provide packing, insurance, transport, and even storage services if you need them. It may cost more but it will relieve your stress and make the process of moving easier for you and your family. This will also free you up to analyze the cities in Ohio that you might want to move to and pick the right home for your family.

One of the best cities in Ohio to raise a family near a river.
Ohio has some of the places to raise children in the US

Deciding on your new home

When deciding on where in Ohio you would want to settle you should be wise. The question here is not only where you would like to live. It is important not to see if the city would be right for your family. You should make a list of pros and cons and compare the cities. Make sure that the city is affordable and suitable for you and your family in particular. It is important to include the whole family in this decision-making process. As a family you can choose the best city for you of the best cities in Ohio to raise a family  This decision will impact all of them and they should be included and informed so everybody is in agreement over this relocation.

Attraction of Ohio

Ohio is a state that is rich in culture and also natural wonders. Situated in the region of the Great lakes the state is full of natural beauties and plenty of outdoor activities and opportunities to exploit. The state has a growing economy with plenty of career opportunities. Affordable homes are also one of the reasons why families are moving here. If you consider that it has a low crime rate and that Ohio cities are safe, it is clear why it is considered one of the most family-friendly states.

The state has a small-town attitude although it is the most densely populated state in the US. With over 74 parks it is a great playground for both children and adults. It also has a great schooling system. From blue ribbon elementary schools to colleges like the Ohio state the education system is top-notch.

Based on plenty of family-oriented criteria like schooling, safety, affordability, and economy here are some of the Best cities in Ohio to raise a family:

  • Columbus
  • Galloway
  • Parma
  • Dublin
  • Grove City
  • Dover


One of the most populated cities in Ohio is Columbus which is the capital. This vibrant city has a lot to offer for families. It has great schools and it is safe and filled with potential and opportunities for activities and fun. The best aspect of the city is education with Columbus State Community College and Ohio State University located in Columbus.

A college graduate at a stadium.
The schooling system in Ohio is one of the best in the US


This is a non-incorporated neighborhood of Columbus. Its main characteristics are that it is very safe and affordable to live in. The housing market is affordable with many new homes and young neighborhoods sprouting around town. The city benefits from the proximity to Columbus but also has some great nature and opportunities for outdoor activities. Moving here will not be a mistake for any family moving to Ohio. Although moving your family may be stressful your movers can handle the job professionally. In addition, you can keep your belongings safe in many of the storage facilities in Galloway. Make sure that you exploit this opportunity when moving with your family. Your movers


Parma is one of the safest places in the US. It is a suburb of Cleveland and has a diverse national, religious population. The city offers great schools at all levels and great job opportunities.


Dublin is a suburb of Columbus and has a large community of Irish Americans. The city is great for outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle. It is known for golfing and golf courses. and it is very safe. Dublin is also a place with great schools with many universities having branches in Dublin.

A covered brige in a forest.
Ohio is quiet, calm with great family-friendly cities and great outdoors

Grove City

Part of the Columbus metro area Grove city is a great place to live. It is a small and safe community exploiting the amenities of Columbus while enjoying the calmness of a small town. Cost of living and real estate are below average making it affordabčle. Moving your family here is a good idea as the city has much to offer. Make sure that your movers provide all the services you require when moving to Grove City. As storage services are developed here you can easily move extra items out of your way and put them in storage.


This beautiful little town is great for starting a family and raising kids. It is the smallest community on the list and a very quiet and safe place to live. The city is great for those looking to escape the hectic lifestyle of larger cities.

So, there is much to say about Ohio as a state and some of the best cities in Ohio to raise a family. The state also has many small cities and towns which are great for families escaping the hustle of bigger cities. This family-friendly state will be perfect for you. Just check which city will suit you just right.

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