Best Neighborhoods in Austin for Families

If you are looking for the best place to start or raise a family in Texas, Austin is your answer. Austin offers excellent work possibilities and neighborhoods for young professionals, a reduced cost of living, a vibrant culture, and pleasant weather. Furthermore, there are some excellent schools and a variety of family-friendly amenities. Not to mention that the home prices are affordable, and there are enough homes on the market. However, if you are looking for information on which neighborhoods in Austin for families to consider, we have got you covered. We made a list of the best neighborhoods in Austin for families that you might find interesting. So keep reading to find the location of your future home.

Downtown Austin

If you have a smaller family, Downtown Austin is the perfect neighborhood for you. There are lots of beautiful small condos and apartments for urban lifestyle lovers. Although this area is a bit more expensive than others, the facilities make it worthwhile. Here you have public and private schools that are highly rated. Also, there are lots of outdoor entertainment options as well as indoor. There are many museums, theatres, cafes, and you even have one of the must-visit breweries in Austin just half an hour away. In addition, many restaurants offer a variety of culinary experiences from around the world. For outdoor fun, you can entertain your family by kayaking, biking, paddleboarding, or just taking a plain walk through one of the parks. Trust us when we say that, in this neighborhood, you and your family will never get bored.

People on the lake in one of the best neighborhoods in Austin for families.
Downtown Austin is one of the best neighborhoods for families that love outdoor activities in the water.


Another one of the best neighborhoods in Austin for families is Cherrywood. This area is very close to downtown and is perfect for active families. There are plenty of parks, such as Muller Lake Park or Patterson’s Neighborhood Park, where you and your family can go for walks or ride bikes. Also, in this neighborhood, you will see people preferring to walk more than to use their cars. After all, everything you might need is easy to reach and within walking distance.

Besides the great outdoor opportunities, Cherrywood also offers a lot of great eateries, one of the best coffeehouses, a children’s dedicated museum, and a public farmer’s market. Also, the University of Texas is in close vicinity, so this neighborhood is quite popular with college students. So, if you think this neighborhood in Austin is perfect for your family, call in a moving company to help you relocate fast and stress-free. If you live in a neighboring Austin area, Austin-based experts can assist you in relocating fast, safely, and on schedule. You and your family will be back to your usual daily routine in no time with their help.


In northern Austin, you’ll find the German-influenced suburb of Pflugerville. Its name derives from the German word Pfluger which means plowman or farmer. It is the best name for a community with a lot of prairie-style houses. In addition, each year, Pflugerville hosts the DeuitchenPfhest, a tradition that has been going on for more than 40 years. You and your children can watch the parade, play games together, go to the carnival, or listen to live music performances during the event. You can also have a picnic, do some shopping from the vendors, and enjoy some delicious street food.

When it’s not celebration time, you can still enjoy living in Pflugerville. You can go to the beach area in Lake Pflugerville Park, visit the playgrounds, or the local water park. You also have access to a sports facility where you and your family can stay active all year round. Furthermore, Pflugerville has a primary, middle, and high school, so education will not be an issue in this neighborhood.

A waterpark.
Waterparks can be great fun for the family, so be sure to visit the one in Pflugerville.

South Manchaca

South Manchaca is one of the best neighborhoods in Austin for families that want to raise their kids in a peaceful area, away from the tourist crowds. This community is very close and friendly, has affordable homes, and the charm of an old town. People here lead quiet, relaxed lives in a slower-paced setting. But, if you ever feel like having a night of fun, you are only a few minutes away from the entertainment downtown. However, South Manchaca has its own lovely bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. So make sure you check them out too.

In terms of schooling, you don’t have to worry. The public schools in this neighborhood are above average. Furthermore, houses in South Manchaca were built after the 1950s, so they have big and well-lit rooms.


Brentwood is a stylish area in central-north Austin that hosts many families with kids. This neighborhood has all the schooling facilities you could need, and they are all in the vicinity. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your kids when they go to school by themselves. Also, this area has the feel of an old town, with a close-knit community that looks after each other. There are lots of parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, and family attractions. Burger houses, fast-foods, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and lots of shops are also available at each corner. In addition, the neighborhood hosts magnificent events periodically, such as the illumination of the Arroyo Seco canal with candles in December.

So if you think this neighborhood is the perfect choice for your family, start preparing for your relocation on time. Especially if you want to make the transition easier for your children, they must be prepared for the move and understand what is going on. In addition, moving with small children or when expecting can be time-consuming and very stressful. Therefore, professional help can be a blessing.

Person holding a food tray with burgers.
Brentwood offers some of the best burgers in Texas, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to be close to them.


In this article, we tried to give you an insight into the best neighborhoods in Austin for families. Some of them are cheaper to live in but not so modern. Some of them are more expensive but have all the entertainment you need. Rest assured, however, that no matter which Austin neighborhood you choose, you and your family will have a wonderful life there. Also, if you want to make sure that you find the perfect home in the neighborhood of your choice, never buy a home without an agent. Local agents can provide you with the best deals and protect you from fraud.

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