Best New Jersey places for those trying to stay away from crowded areas

Today’s pace of life can leave us exhausted and feeling aggravated and nervous. Our career and work can leave us drained for any other activity and enjoyment. So, finding peace of mind and a quiet place to rest and relax is of paramount importance today. This is where Jersey excels. The Garden State is a place of great natural beauty. And what’s even more important, with a lot of small and peaceful towns to live in. If you want to rest and relax and if you are trying to stay away from crowds and crowded areas Jersey is a perfect choice. So, to help you find a peaceful place and get away from it all we will provide you with a list of some of the best New Jersey places to do just that.

New Jersey is special

Well, you should know that Jersy is a special place and offers a great atmosphere. New Jersey has a lot of small towns to enjoy the peace and quiet in. It is close to NYC so you can commute to work and then retreat to any of the places that can provide peace and quiet.

The state is great as it’s a place of reduced crowds, noise, and traffic and perfect for relaxation and enjoyment.┬áIt also has some great places for both families and retirees. Coupled with the present nature it is a place to not only visit but also settle into. So, if you see yourself moving to Jersey here is some advice on some of the best New Jersey places to hide away to:

  • Guttenberg
  • Park Ridge
  • Point Pleasant Beach
  • Paterson
  • Haddonfield


Guttenberg is a town with a close-knit community. The place is great and peaceful with many activities to enjoy with the neighbors. However, the town also offers much-needed peace and quiet if you need it. Moving here is easy and simple and you can settle in with no hassle as locals can help a lot. local movers offer an array of services to make the relocation process easier.

A Boardwalk in one of the best New Jersey places
There are plenty of small towns that offer peace and quiet away from the crowds in Jersey

Park Ridge

This small town offers some of the greatest views and places for long walks. The town is not crowded and is perfect for both young families with children and retirees. At the same time, nature lovers will love the peace, quiet and close connection to nature. So many people decide to prepare and move here to exploit the town’s tranquility and charm.

Point Pleasant Beach

The name says it all. This pleasant little town has it all. Beautiful beaches and a perfect suburban feel. With many activities and not too many people, this place is great for finding peace and quiet.


Paterson is a wonderful place to settle in. It has a great community that is welcoming but also offers a peaceful environment. In this close-knit community, movers are easy to find. Hence, locals are at your disposal to help you move in. The moving experts in Paterson can perform any service you might need, from packing and unpacking, furniture assembly, and disassembly to providing storage.

A lake and beach in Jersey
The main characteristic of Jersey is a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful outdoors to enjoy.


This family town is great for raising kids. Its main characteristic is that it is safe and peaceful. Although it is not a lace with too many bars it offers other amenities like restaurants, galleries, and shops.

Moving to NJ is the right decision if you seek peace and quiet and want to get away from crowded areas. There are many places that offer just that in NJ. So feel free to research and among some of the best New Jersey places you can find the perfect for you.

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