Best places in Alabama to raise a family

Raising a family is a long and challenging chapter in a person’s life.  That’s a reason why future parents need to choose a good place, a place where we can live a quality life. If the state of your choice is Alabama, you should check out these best places in Alabama to raise a family. Hopefully, then it’ll be much easier to choose your new town.

Why are these best places in Alabama to raise a family?

When choosing a place to raise a family, you want to place with affordable property prices. Especially since you aren’t going to downsize your home. Instead, you’re looking for a big home, with enough space for your kids, and those homes are sometimes expensive if you don’t know where to look. Also, you want a safe environment for your kids, best schools, and a lot of activities that are stimulating and beneficial to your kids’ development. Check out these great places in Alabama for raising kids, where both you and your kids should be able to live an amazing life.

A flower basket and a white picket fence.
It’s important to find a place a great place for you and your family

Mountain Brook

This Birmingham suburb with a population of 20,297, is one of the great places for raising kids in Alabama for many reasons:

  • The main reason is that more than 37% of households here are with kids. This means that your kids will have plenty of friends and that it won’t be hard for parents to meet people who’re in the same stage of life.
  • The median income is $143,221, high enough to provide families a good life.
  • Residents of Mountain Brook enjoy one of the shortest commutes of all these best places in Alabama for raising kids, the commute of only 16.8 minutes. Residents of Mountain Brook can use this time to spend with their family, enjoying any activity they want.

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Prattville is a city in Autauga and Elmore counties, with a population of 35,662. It’s a county seat of Autauga County. But one of the main reasons why Prattville is on this list is that more than 37% of households are with kids. You won’t have to worry about getting a babysitter if your kids play with your neighbors’ kids while you finish your chores. Are you afraid that you’ll make a wrong decision by moving to Prattville? You shouldn’t worry, because moving from one end of the state to another is not an issue when you have a good moving company by your side. However, there’s no doubt that you and your family will enjoy living in Prattville.


This Huntsville suburb has a population of 48,275. And for some people, Madison might be the best choice on this list of places in Alabama for raising kids. Everything is within an arm’s reach in Madison. From shopping centers to gas stations and anything else in between. But, it’s important to know that schools play a big factor here in Madison. Kids get a good education here while being raised in the environment with educated and diverse residents. It’s important to say that the city is safe and kept clean. However, one could argue that there’s a lot of traffic. And the reason might be the construction sites. Luckily, everything is close and the commute is just 19.4 minutes, one of the shortest on the list. Finally, more than 36% of households are with kids, and the median income is quite high.


This Birmingham suburb is located in Jefferson County and has a population of 25,595. It’s a very family-oriented place with great schools and safe and clean neighborhoods. The teachers here are generally amazing and want nothing short of best for their students. There are many parks, restaurants, and shops, to keep the whole family entertained. The community is diverse and residents are very involved with the community. And of course, it’s important to mention the median annual income is quite low, meaning that you shouldn’t worry too much about finding the right job in Homewood.

Muscle Shoals

With a population of 13,874, the community is one big family. Muscle Shoals is a small growing town that is quite close to Florence, Tuscumbia, and Sheffield. But there are many reasons why Muscle Shoals is one of the best places in Alabama to raise a family. First of all, the crime level is very low and the school system is great. One of the indicators of the quality of local schools is the fact that there’s a 0% rate of high school students who have not graduated or are not enrolled in school. The area is pretty affordable, and the commute is fairly short.

Muscle Shoals, golf course.
Muscle Shoals is a great, family-friendly place


Meridianville is a suburb of Huntsville with a population of 6,609. Local schools are great here, actually, almost all students of local schools stay in and complete high school. And one of the reasons why you should consider Meridianville is that 97.5% of families with kids own their homes. In addition to this, the median income is relatively high, while the housing costs are quite reasonable.

Indian Springs Village

This Birmingham population has a population of 2.590. It’s a beautiful area, very family-friendly, and most importantly, a safe place for you and your kids. You’ll see wonderful homes, the property of all sizes, so you won’t have a problem finding one that suits your needs. The area is primarily residential, but there are some commercial areas, mostly at the periphery. There’s minimum traffic in this lovely place. Also, just across the highway, you’ll find the largest state park in Alabama.

A girl, carrying a boy in a park.
It’s great that your kids have nature nearby

Once you’ve made the decision

It’s not easy choosing just one of these best places in Alabama to raise a family. To make it easier, you can even visit your new place before your relocation. Meet your new neighborhood and see what it will be like to live there. That way, you’ll be able to go through the relocation process, knowing that you’ve made the right choice.

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