Best places in the Middle East to start your new career

Are you thinking about changing your life and work? If you feel like starting something new and challenging, the Middle East is the right place for you. This is a great time for you to start in a new industry. The Middle East has been a place of professional opportunities in the last couple of decades. If you have been stuck in your career, it is time for a huge change. It may sound a little scary now, but the following guidance will surely encourage you. Here are the best places in the Middle East to start your new career.

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – one of the best places in the Middle East to start your new career

Saudi Arabia is the largest economy in the Middle East, mostly thanks to its petroleum reserves.  It is also one of the safest countries in the world, with a very low crime rate. Violent attacks or robberies are very rare. Saudis are very kind, peaceful, and religious people, always ready to help you. As for climate, living in Saudi Arabia means living in extremes. Keep in mind that when living in a desert country you will experience extreme heat and cold.

Sand dune and mountain scenery
Living in a desert country comes with certain downsides you need to be aware of.


Most of the expatriates live in Riyadh, the Saudi Arabia capital and the largest city on the Arabian peninsula. They mostly work in international companies. The construction and oil industries are the most in-demand. Many English-speaking foreigners work as English language teachers. In the medical field, job positions are available for nurses and medical assistants. The most sought-after skills also include international relations, web design, architecture. So once you make a decision to move to Saudi Arabia, good preparation is the key.

Starting to prepare for your move on time is essential, especially when it comes to overseas relocation. The first thing on your list should be finding the right moving company. You should do it at least three months before the move. The reputable and experienced professionals with expertise in international relocations will ensure that your move goes smoothly and stress-free. They will help you to pack and unpack your possessions, transport them safely, clear the customs. A reliable crew will assist you and support you with anything you need during the relocation process.

Aerial view of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Riyadh is a good destination for starting a new career.

Expat packages

Saudi Arabia also offers this type of job package. In addition to the salary, it includes bonuses, medical insurance, accommodation with paid services, transportation from home to work, an annual ticket to your country of origin, etc. Such packages also depend on the size and type of company in which you are going to work. They include the costs of visa procedures from Saudi Arabia. The procedures that you must carry out from your country are your responsibility. Once you arrive in the country, the company also takes care of procedures related to your legal status and the issuance of the personal identification document.

Living in compounds

The compounds are urbanizations with high security for foreigners. Some companies offer this type of accommodation to their foreign employees. In compounds, you can dress as you are used to doing in your country. They have supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas, swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, basketball, soccer, recreation areas for children, pharmacies, schools, etc. These residences are strategically built to keep the foreigners as comfortable as possible and as close to western life.

Living outside of compounds

You can find a place to live at very affordable prices. If you live outside a compound, make sure to behave according to the cultural and social norms of this country. In this sense, women will have to wear abaya every time they leave the house. Local customs must be respected. Reliable and experienced movers at will help you with every step in your moving process. For all your questions and concerns you will get the right assistance and advice. They are willing to offer any kind of support to help you to adjust to your new environment and a new culture as soon as possible.

Manama, Bahrain 

If you choose to relocate to Bahrain, you will probably be employed in Manama, the capital, which is certainly one of the best places in the Middle East to start your new career. There are plenty of job opportunities that offer a great salary and excellent employment terms and benefits. Information technologies, healthcare, oil industry, construction, international education are some of the professions that are most in-demand. If your new place of living is not arranged by your employer, you will have to find one by yourself. In that case, here is some useful advice.

Bahrain oceanfront.
Choose Bahrain for a successful career.

Housing and rent

In Bahrain, you can find your new home in high-rise buildings or individual houses. They are often new and modern. Neighborhoods are actually small communities, with restaurants, shops, and recreation facilities. Such accommodation is always secured. Choose a location and type of housing in accordance with your needs.  Have in mind proximity to the workplace and school for your children. Some families prefer to be out of major cities to avoid busy traffic and commuting to school and work. You may want to rent a property. Leases are available for the short-term and long-term. Always check if rent also includes services such as electricity, water, etc. If you are moving to Bahrain, finding help has never been easier. Local movers are ready to take good care of your possessions and to help you to settle in your new environment in no time.

Popular neighborhoods

  • Manama is the largest city and a business center of Bahrain. In the last few years, suburbs have become very popular due to hustle and bustle of the fast-growing city. Manama attracts those who like to be close to work and want to experience Manama´s entertainment options.
  • Seef is a popular place to live within Manama. It is one of the newer developments, offering modern accommodation and large shopping malls.
  • The Amwaj Islands are very popular with ex-pats and offer secured communities on man-made islands. These islands offer an oceanfront view, private schools, and many restaurants and shops. It is a great place to live with a family.

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