Best places in Warren County NJ to raise a family

Moving to Warren County NJ to raise a family can be a terrific idea. After all, the county is brimming with terrific schools, affordable housing, and job opportunities. But, in order to make the most out of them, you need to be aware of which are the best places in Warren County NJ to raise a family. In order to make this possible, you first need to understand what makes a place family-friendly and how to check if it is so. Luckily, we are here to help you out.

What makes a place suited for a family

Before we get into which are the best places in Warren County NJ to raise a family, we need to go over the basics. Namely, since you are trying to find a family-friendly place, you first need to understand what makes it so. No neighborhood is suited for everyone. A young Newyorker wants something completely different from their neighborhood than a family person. So, there are a couple of things that have to come together in order to make a place family-friendly. These are:

  • Low crime rate.
  • Good education opportunities.
  • Strong local economy.
  • A well-connected community.
  • A decent percentage of families already living there.

Can a neighborhood be suited for a family without one of them? Sure. But, ideally, when moving to a new city or neighborhood you want to find the one that has all of those aspects. If you move to a place that includes all of those aspects, you can rest assured that your kids will grow up in a safe and stimulating environment.

A family walking together.
A good community will help your family thrive.

Low crime rates and good educational opportunities are pretty self-explanatory. A strong local economy helps families support their kids, and allows them to use education opportunities. A connected community will have a plethora of afterschool activities where your kids can develop. And the more families live in an area, the friends your kids will be able to have. So, make sure to look carefully when checking out different places.

Our pick of the best places in Warren County NJ to raise a family

With this in mind, we’ve picked out a couple of places in Warren County NJ that we feel are family-friendly. Now, it is important to note that neighborhoods can change over the years. And that picking the place where you will raise your family is, arguably, one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. So, don’t let your research stop here. Instead, use our article as a starting point that will help you organize your move and find the best place in Warren County NJ to raise a family.

Hardwick Township

A clear cut recommendation for starting your search is Hardwick Township. When it comes to family-friendly places, there are few that are as good and decent and Hardwick. Solid educational opportunities, job availability, access to nature, low crime rates, and a strong sense of community. Hardwick seems to have it all. So, if you want to see what a family-friendly neighborhood is like, we suggest coming here. If you want to do yourself a favor hire packing services to save your precious time and visit Hardwick before moving here permanently.

A mother and a child sitting in a field showing you what some of the best places in Warren County NJ to raise a family are like.
Family-friendly places usually have easy access to beautiful nature.


One of the places that are slowly but surely becoming family-friendly is Philipsburg. And the reason why we list it as one of the best places in Warren County NJ to raise a family is that all of those are being implanted surprisingly fast. Good schools, diverse residents, solid job opportunities… All the indicators are there that Philipsburg is becoming a suitable place for families. Add to the fact that the real estate in Philipsburg is quite affordable, and you will see why moving here can be a terrific idea.

Mansfield Township

Clean living, safe streets, friendly people. That is what Mansfield Township is all about. Mansfield prides itself on having good schools, solid job opportunities, and a calm lifestyle. Here you won’t find the rush and stress that you experience in the big cities. Just clean, quiet wholesome living focused on raising healthy families and good kids. So, if you want a community that will not only enable you but actually help you raise your kids right, Mansfield Township is the place to go. Just remember to hire someone like Van Express Movers NJ, as moving here can be arduous.

Greenwich Township

When it comes to safe, family-friendly, wholesome areas, Greenwich is the king. For years know this beautiful community has been regarded as a safe haven for raising a family. Once you move here with help from reliable long-distance movers, you will have easy access to Philadelphia and NYC. Furthermore, if you are an outdoors person and you would like your kids to be, you have mountains, farmland, and the beach. If you are wondering about education, know that Greenwich has recently added a brand new High School to its already stellar educational repertoire. So, if you want to see what true family life is all about, check out Greenwich.

A mother and a child walking on a beach.
If you enjoy spending time on the beach, Greenwich is one of the best places in Warren County NJ to raise a family.

Knowlton Township

While reading online, you might find that young people describe Knowlton as a boring place. But, once you become a parent, you’ll find out that that is precisely the place where you should raise your family. The reason why we list Knowlton as one of the best places in Warren County NJ to raise a family is the community and nature. You’ll have a hard time finding a place that is as beautiful and as wholesome as Knowlton. Here people know their neighbors, treat each other with respect, and try to help each other as much as possible.

Hope Township

The last place we are going to mention is the Hope Township. This community is far enough from the city to be quiet and safe. And close enough, so that teenagers can enjoy the city fun with a 15-minute drive. Alongside that, you have great schools, affordable housing, and good job opportunities. So, you can rest assured that just because we’ve placed Hope Township last on our list, doesn’t mean that it is our least favorite. In fact, it is far from so.

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