Best Places to Live in Belleville, NJ

When you are deciding where to relocate to, there are many factors and elements that weigh into the decision making of what the best places are. It takes planning, research, preparing ahead, evaluating different statistics, and a solid timeline. Moving to New Jersey can be simplified once you discover which are the best places to live in Belleville. Throughout the rest of the text, we’ll give you some insight into easy moving and the location itself. Hopefully, by the time you are done reading, you will have a better idea of where you want to get your new home.

New Jersey Moving

Moving alone can be a bit stressful, let alone narrowing down the exact location. It can take more time than anticipated overall. In order to remain organized throughout this process, and to make the whole experience easier start with a plan!

NJ countryside
New Jersey is home to many great locations to move to!

A thought-out plan will help you see the entire project visually while breaking it down into multiple stages to simplify it. Being able to tackle the moving step by step will minimize stress and you will notice how much easier tasks become. With focus and efficiency, your move will be enjoyable and you won’t have to worry or stress. A plan in motion helps create a hassle-free atmosphere. 

Live in Belleville

As you put a plan together, it’s time to do some research on the best places to live in Belleville, New Jersey. The town is overall friendly, with opportunities for growth. In addition, with a population of a little over 36 thousand people, it’s a small-town feel where most people know each other. Some of the neighborhoods worth checking out would include:

  • Delavan Avenue
  • Franklin Avenue 
  • Passaic Avenue 
  • Town Center
  • Washington Avenue

Prices in homes will vary from one location to the next, while the average home prices in Belleville range in the $290,000.


Once you have some locations narrowed down, then it’s time to look into each community and evaluate which one works best with your lifestyle and what you are looking for in general. Take into consideration the distance between your workplace and a potential new home. In addition, if you have kids already or plan to have a family one day, it would be a good idea to check out the schools as well.

Two road signs pointing to opposite directions.
Never make rushed decisions. Ensure to do thorough research in order to get more insight.

As you keep on analyzing, you should still be focusing on other aspects of the move. For example, contacting a moving company early on. Get in touch with ahead so that you can discuss their terms, along with their quotes and any additional costs for your move.

Relocating to one of the best places to live in Belleville

Overall, relocating can become an easy task. If planning is taken seriously, along with thorough research and focus, a move can go from being chaotic to very successful. You can practically live in Belleville in no time! Once again, ensure that you are well prepared and always think two steps ahead, just in case. At the end of the day, the better prepared you are, the more efficient you can be. Happy moving!

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