Best places to settle after living in NYC

Are you tired of living in New York City and you want to try something new and different? Where to move and what are the best places to settle after living in NYC? Do the research and find a perfect home for you and your family. NYC offers a lot of opportunities, but on the other hand, it is expensive, apartments are small, and it is always crowded. These are some of the main reasons for moving from New York.

The list of top places to settle after living in NYC

It is not easy to move from the big city to a new environment and to start a new life. But, sometimes changes are essential, no matter what the reason is for moving. The first problem to solve is to choose where to move, and then it is time to organize your relocation and to pack. Some of the best places to move to this year are:

  • Austin, Texas – one for the best places to settle after living in NYC is Austin. The job market is strong, incomes are high, quality of life is also high, and that is why this city is one of the best options.
  • Denver, Colorado – the job market in Denver is strong and you will have a lot of job opportunities. Education is also highly rated, so if you are moving with a family, this may be a perfect option.
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota – another great city for job seekers. Don’t be scared because it is not close to NYC. Moving across the country with ease is possible if you have the right movers on your side.
  • Portland, Oregon – the biggest advantage of living here is education and culture. The economy is getting stronger, so catch the opportunity and move here.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio – low crime rate and affordability attract people to move here. This makes this place perfect for raising kids.
  • Raleigh & Durham, North Carolina – the costs of living are low, and residents here spend about 21.5 % of the median household income on housing, which is low.
  • Chicago, Illinois – it can be easy to transport everything you own to Chicago because it is not that far away and you can hire a moving company to do it for you.
A map of places to settle after living in NYC.
The USA is a big country with many cities where you can move after NYC

Prepare for leaving NYC

To move with ease and stress-free, create cross country moving checklist. Leaving NYC will be fun, exciting, stressful, complicated, etc. In all that mess, it is easy to forget even the most important things to do or to pack. Hire professionals to help you with the relocation and move like a pro.

Street in NYC.
Living in NYC has its own pros and cons, and sometimes it is time to leave this city and to try something different

After looking for the places to settle after living in NYC, moving preparation may begin. What to pack depends on the place you are moving to. But, one thing is certain, start early with the moving preparation and book a moving company asap.

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