Best rural areas in Tennessee for young families

Tennessee is a beautiful state very suitable for young families. It has a reliable economy, beautiful nature and most importantly friendly people. There are too many places in Tennessee where you can come with your family. However, The USA Moving is here to help you pick a perfect one for you lot. We have an article for you about the best rural areas in Tennessee for young families. So, here come the suggestions!

Best rural areas in Tennessee for young families – Lynchburg

The first place we will talk about is Lynchburg. Lynchburg is a small city in south-central Tennessee with about 6,000 people there. Even though it is petite, you might have heard of it because the Jack Daniels distillery is there. 

a bottle of Jack Daniels
Lynchburg is known because of Jack Daniels, but unlike Jack Daniels, the place is family-friendly.

Living in Lynchburg is safe since the crime rate is lower than the national average. But not only is crime lower compared to the national average in Lynchburg so is the cost of living.

The cost of living in Lynchburg is about 9% lower than the national average. But the city is about 2% more expensive than the average of Tennessee. Despite this being true, daily expenses, as compared to the rest of America, are still significantly lower.

The biggest difference in costs is noticeable with homes in the area. The median home price in Lynchburg is 195,500-dollars which is lower than the Tennessee median home cost of 231,600-dollars. Moreover, it would cost you 100,000 less to own a house in Lynchburg compared to the rest of the US. So buy your affordable home in Lynchburg and let industry experts, like, handle your relocation process. They will provide you with the complete moving service. 

Finally, you will not struggle to find friends in Lynchburg because 70% of the population are family households. 


The second city we will talk about is Jonesborough. Jonesborough is a country seat of Washington County, and about 5,600 people live there. 

When it comes to safety in Jonesborough, you are in luck since the crime rates are below average. You can let your kids play around the town of Jonesborough alone. Your kids will have someone to play with and not bother you because about 25% of families in Jonesborough have kids under 18. You also do not have to worry about your kid’s schooling. Jonesborough is under Washington County School District, which has many great schools. There are three schools in Jonesborough. 

children playing on grass
Jonesborough is one of the best rural areas in Tennessee for young families because there are plenty of children in the town to play with your kids.

Living expenses in Jonesborough are below the average of Tennessee. Jonesborough is more affordable than Lynchburg by about 5%. So if you want your kids to grow in a safe environment, get a packing service and come quickly to Jonesborough. 


We hope that our article about the best rural areas in Tennessee for young families helps you pick a place. There are many more suitable areas for families in Tennessee, so we suggest you do some more research. A piece of advice, though: when it is time to move to Tennessee, get rid of some of your things to make your move easier.

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