Best towns in California for those who are sick of living in big cities

Living in a big city comes with advantages. Anything you can think of is probably available to you somewhere in your big city. But, there are other things that you don’t necessarily want, but you have to live with them. These things make you stressed on an everyday basis, with moving stress only adding up to it. And all of that noise, the crowds, and high prices, can become too much for some people, especially in California. It might be due to the smog, or unbearable traffic, but you’ve just had enough. That’s why you should check out some of the best towns in California for those who are sick of living in big cities. One of them might be the place for your new home.

Best towns in California

This isn’t just any list of best towns in California. Living in these towns can bring you a piece and quite that you yearn for. So if you’re moving within California in order to find the connection, with yourself and the world around you, then you’re at the right place. Check out these towns and see which one’s for you.


With a population of about 3.800 people, this town is located above Palm Springs, into the San Jacinto mountains. It’s artsy, wild, and very charming. Here you can reconnect with nature while hiking and enjoying the beautiful scenery. For example, you can enjoy the Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail, that’s not too long and have a good glass of beer in a local clubhouse in return. If living in the town with a relaxes retro vibe sounds like something you’d like, contact Mod Movers CA and start packing your bags. However, make sure to bring some warmer clothes. You’ll forget about the desert here, as the climate is completely different here in Idylwild.


In Ojai Valley, you’ll find the town of Ojai. What will amaze you is the fact that it’s not too far away from Los Angeles, even though it’has a completely different vibe. It’s a great spiritual retreat with great options for outdoor activities. However, be sure to visit it off-season, since the prices will be a bit lower.
Sunset in Ojai.
Just looking at this photo, you can feel the piece

Crescent City

Crescent City has a population of around 6.800 people and it’s located in the north of California, just below the Oregon border. As soon as you visit this place, you’ll fall in love with the beautiful nature of rivers and Redwood forests. Just imagine kayaking down the river while looking at the huge trees and their roots. After all, it was chosen as a Star Wars location for a forest moon, because of the otherwordly appearance of the forest.


Sequoia forest
It almost looks otherworldly

Your new city

These are some of the best cities in California for those who are sick of living in big cities. Life in these cities will enable you to enjoy the small things in life, like arranging your furniture or watching the sunset. After all, isn’t that what life is all about.

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