Car Shipping Guide for Beginners

Relocating and not sure how to ship your vehicle? There are a few important steps to car shipping, therefore continue reading. Throughout the rest of the text, we will help by providing guidelines as to how to prepare your vehicle for shipping, alongside other essential factors. Whether you are moving across the country or to another continent, read on for your car shipping guide!

Moving Process

Moving, no matter the distance, is a process that requires a plan. With a relocation plan, you give yourself guidelines that help you stay organized and timely throughout the moving process. Within your plan, jot down tasks and create a schedule that will allow you to finish everything in an organized manner.

An illustration of a handshake above the moving vehicle.
A successful relocation is planned ahead of time, ensuring organization and a timely schedule.

In addition, plan the transfer of your items and your car. What does that entail? Well, for starters, declutter your old home before you start packing. Decluttering will help rid you of excess and unnecessary things and items, therefore making your relocation lighter and simpler. Once you know exactly how much you are taking with you, you can then consider car shipping if it fits within your budget.

Moreover, if you happen to be a beginner at all of this, try not to get overwhelmed. As long as you do proper research and come up with a well-structured plan, you can handle the process successfully and avoid the moving stress.

Car Shipping Guide 101

The first and most important thing one should know about car shipping is that it takes time. Therefore, begin the process early on for guaranteed success. The process itself is fairly simple, but you can always follow a checklist to ensure you followed all the necessary steps.

A car ready for car shipping.
Prepping your car for shipment is just as important as the shipping itself.

Before you start prepping your vehicle for transfer, cover the details of your move first.

-Where are you moving to? (If you are moving to another country, check the laws and regulations of that country first)

-Do you require door to door vehicle shipping?

-When are you moving to the new location?

-Expedited shipping or standard shipping?

These are some of the questions that you should be able to answer prior to talking to any car shipping company. The professionals there will most likely ask you these, therefore be prepared.

Prep for Car Shipping

It is important to prepare your vehicle for shipping before you move. One of our tips is to thoroughly wash your car before shipping it out. Wash the vehicle inside and out, and then take photographs of it. This will ensure that there are no damages to it prior to being shipped. If anything does happen to your vehicle in the middle of car shipping, the photographs will serve as documented images of what was there before and what wasn’t.

Next, remove all of your valuables from the car. Also, empty the glovebox, and take any important documents just in case. You never know what can happen, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t fuel up your car before shipping it. The less gas left in the tank, the better. It will make your car lighter and easier for shipment.

Overall, follow your checklist, stay organized, and do this well ahead of your move.

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