Charming weekend getaways in Summerlin, NV

In case you are planning something special for you or someone else to go with, we have picked some charming weekend getaways in Summerlin, NV. Nevada is a great state but for weekend getaways you need to do a bit of research. Relaxing is important or else you get overworked and can’t function normally. That’s what those getaways are for. You clear your head, enjoy some and get a fresh start on Monday. Just what the doctor ordered. So, let’s start exploring now and find a perfect spot for chilling and just enjoying.

Summerlin Nevada

In case you have never been there, here is a little Summerlin 101. Summerlin is a master-planned community in the Las Vegas Valley. It’s located at the edge of the Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon to the west. A part of this community is in Las Vegas and a part of it is in Clark County. This is a very popular destination for families and people who would like to live in Las Vegas but don’t want the “touristy” part of the town. has been moving families here for years and maybe you can look into it too. It might be a nice change.

Top 10 romantic weekend getaways in Summerlin, Nevada

If you are planning a getaway with your partner we found some great and quite romantic places in Summerlin or close by you can enjoy and work on your relationship. Spending some quality time alone together in some nice place can work wonders in the romance department. Especially if you have kids and don’t have that much time for just the two of you. So here are some top picks we have for you:

  • Evolution Expeditions
  • Suncoast Hotel&Casino
  • JW Marriot Las Vegas Resort and Spa
  • Waldorf Astoria
  • Siegel Select Convention Center
  • The Venetian
  • The Palazzo
  • Red Rock Casino and Spa
  • Four Seasons
  • Desert Paradise

We must warn you some of these places can get pricy but that’s what those romantic getaways are for. Splashing out and enjoying what you worked so hard for. Of course, Summerlin is not just a romantic getaway. Many people relocate here for job opportunities.

Weekend getaways in Summerlin for outdoorsy families

Enjoying a fancy spa is always nice but some people want outdoorsy fun, which is also a great choice. You get some fresh air, just be careful since the sun in Nevada can get harsh so always wear sun cream and water. You have more than 150 miles of trails that are carved into this desert oasis you only need to download the map or maybe your google map on a smartphone will be enough and you can start exploring and have a great adventure. If you are up for a really big adventure start on the trail along with the 215 Beltway and eventually it will lead you to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

couple finding one of the romantic weekend getaways in Summerlin
Outdoor activities can also be romantic so this can count as one of the places for romantic getaways in Summerlin.

What to do, see and visit while you are enjoying some of the getaways in Summerlin

Even if you came here just for a spa or casino, you should still explore cool local things in Summerlin. Just staying in a hotel is not all that great. Summerlin is a great place and you will love it here so here is what you should explore:

  • Farmers Market – the market is amazing! You will be able to find here some of the freshest fruits and vegetables from the South West. Also if you get here early on you will be able to find handcrafted European-style loaves of bread and cakes as well as local fresh bread and pastries, blood oranges, and many varieties of citrus
  • Golf Clubs – for golf fans, you will be delighted to know that there is plenty of amazing golf courses where you can take a swing and relax. The most popular ones are Palm Valey, Eagle Crest, and Red Rock Country Club
  • Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar is a great local restaurant we highly recommend
  • Beer Zombies is a perfect place for you if you like craft beer
  • Shopping – if you are in the mood for shopping (of whatever kind) you will be delighted to see all the shops you can choose from starting with basic clothing ones like Gap and the Banana Republic to baby stuff from buy buy Baby

Those are just some fun things people explore first when they arrive but this place can offer you so much more, but you simply can’t fit everything in one weekend. But if you plan on relocating here, well that’s something else entirely.

If you plan on relocating to Summerlin, Nevada

This place is so much more than just visiting fun getaways in Summerlin. People live here and lead wonderful lives along with their families. When it comes to prices of real estate and costs of life Las Vegas is not as pricy as are the touristy parts. So you don’t have to worry about that. These are not NYC or San Francisco prices. You can lead a normal life here even if you are not a millionaire. If relocation and settling in here worry you – trained crews can assist you with this part. When it comes to settling in, they can do the hardest part. Yes, you guessed it the hardest part is always unpacking. Simply because it’s hard and there is too much stuff to unpack and sort. That’s why you have local movers to help out.

Does this look like a great place to live and explore the outdoor activities?

Visiting Summerlin

It doesn’t matter if you plan on relocating here or simply coming for one of those getaways in Summerlin this is an amazing place and it will surely delight you. Make sure to research thoroughly before coming here especially if you are coming just for the weekend. If you plan on relocating here there is no need for it, you will have time to explore everything this place has to offer.

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