Common DIY moving mistakes to avoid

Moving mistakes happen. This is not unusual. Relocating can be a hassle and if you are doing it in a hurry, that’s when accidents happen. This is very common, and that’s ok. But there are ways to avoid some of them. Thus, study closely these most common DIY moving mistakes before you start planning your relocation process.

Two usual moving mistakes

This one is very common and many people do it. It starts while you are still packing. The first one is forgetting the importance of quality cardboard boxes. Make sure to find some good ones as they are keeping your household items safe during transfer. This is something you should invest in. But please note that this is not some big investment, you can buy them for less than nothing in any big chain stores like Walmart.

The second one is labeling the boxes. People forget that sometimes and it’s so important. Labeling is the only way to know your way around while unpacking. But also if you need to add something how will you know where are the kitchen items and where are the linens? Don’t forget to label all the boxes, it won’t take too much of your time but it will save you a lot of time later on.

Moving boxes
One of the most common moving mistakes – forgetting the importance of moving boxes.

Don’t do the heavy lifting on your own

You have friends. Ask them to help you out on a moving day so you don’t do all the heavy lifting on your own. It is bad for your back and can be very dangerous. If you are set on doing it all on your own, make sure to lift properly. If you are unsure what lifting properly means do some research and find out in order to avoid one of the most common DIY moving mistakes.

man carrying boxes
Attention, back injuries can lead to lifelong problems. So ask for some help and stay safe.

Forgetting your mask

Your health should be your number one priority. Safety guidelines are here for a reason, and the pandemic is still raging. But if you are fully vaccinated you might be able to leave your mask. There are still things you should be doing whether you are fully vaccinated or not. Wash your hands as much as you can and if you don’t have access to water or soap on the road, use gel sanitizer.

Moving day

When the moving day comes, don’t forget to eat properly. Also one of the common moving mistakes is forgetting about water. You need to stay hydrated. Bring your water bottle with you. Even though nothing horrible will happen if you forget about this one there is no need to feel bad and if you are hungry and thirsty you will feel sick. So stay on top of that. Plan your meal and take breaks during the road trip to relax and eat/drink. All those mentioned things you probably know but reminding you is the best way for you to remember them and avoid them at all cost. Good luck and safe travels!

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