Creative things you can do with leftover packing supplies

Finally, the process of relocation is over! You do not have to deal with moving stress anymore. However, after all the unpacking, you are now probably surrounded by all the boxes, bins and other kinds of packing supplies. They are all over your house, right? If the answer to this question is YES, do not worry, there are many things you can do with your leftover packing supplies. If you are busy, you can simply donate them, give them to a family that is moving soon, or find a way to recycle them. However, if you are into a DIY kind of mood, well, here are some creative things you can do with leftover packing supplies.

Create Something Fun for Your Kids

The process of packing for your relocation is over, now is the time to unpack and figure out what to do with all those packing supplies. Okay, probably the best thing you can do with your leftover packing supplies is to create something fun for your kids. For instance, if you had a lot of plastic bins, let your children use them as extra storage space for their books and toys. But, if you had a lot of cardboard boxes and other packing supplies, why not consider making a small indoor maze or a dollhouse. That will definitely bring their spirits up after all the moving processes. And, if your cardboard boxes and packing papers are a bit torn or ripped, cut them in smaller pieces and let your children draw on it. They will certainly have fun!

Two boxes.
Use your leftover packing supplies for your children’s next arts and crafts project.

Create Something Fun for Your Pets

Do not forget about your pets! If you have a dog, cat, rabbit or some other four-legged friend, use your leftover packing supplies to create a bed for them. It is rather simple. First, take a well-preserved box and remove its upper part. Then, use duct tape to seal all the connecting pieces on the bottom and on the sides. After that, you only need to put a pillow or a smaller blanket inside, and voila! However, if you had to move some fragile items, then the one thing you had to remember when moving was to buy packing peanuts. Use them too! Put packing peanuts into a pillowcase. That way, you will create a whole bag using only leftover packing supplies. Be creative! Your pets will thank you.

Cats playing in a box from the leftover packing supplies.
Remember to leave a couple of boxes for your pets to play in them.

Create Extra Storage Space

However, if you are not very artsy, you can start with a simpler project. That is, you can create something more effortless. For instance, try creating bins that you would use for storage. And, how to do that? It is very easy, actually. Just seal the bottom and sides with duct tape, and preferably paint them in the same color. You can put those boxes on the shelves and racks. Inside, well, you can place pretty much anything that is usually left all around your house – toys, books, Christmas decorations, some old clothes, and shoes, etc. Give it a try. You will see that your house will look a lot more organized afterward.

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