Downsizing your house to an apartment – how to handle it

Do you need to move to a smaller apartment from a big house? Many people need to move because of finances, or their kids moved out, or they are in retirement, so the big house is a big responsibility for them, There are many reasons for downsizing your house to an apartment, but how to handle it like a pro? How to move simple and easy and how to get used to living in a small apartment?

Benefits of downsizing into a small apartment

Why people are moving from a big house to a small apartment? What are the benefits?

  • Sometimes less is more, even when it comes to the size of your home. Many people have too much space in a home. By downsizing your house to an apartment, you will get rid of all the unnecessary items.
  • Saving money is one of the main reasons for moving to a smaller home and downsizing. Smaller homes are cheaper and living there is also cheaper. Lower maintenance costs, rent, mortgage, lower energy bills. etc.
  • Spending more time outside as well as having more time for yourself. Big homes are a big responsibility, just to clean it, you will lose all day.
A big house.
When downsizing your house to an apartment, you must be ready to say goodbye to many of your items

Tips for downsizing your house to an apartment

Life is often unpredictable and full of surprises and moving to a smaller apartment may be a pleasant or a bad surprise. However, you need to prepare and pack for your upcoming relocation. How? Are there any tips and tricks that may help you? Luckily, yes! You are not the only person in this situation.

Take measurements of your apartment

The first step to take is to take all the measurements in your new apartment so you will know what to pack. Measure the size of all the rooms, doors, windows, ceiling height, closets, attic storage, kitchen cabinets, etc. This way you will not lose time and money packing furniture that cannot fit. If you are moving kitchen appliances to a new home, make sure to measure them too. So, before you start packing, make sure you know all the sizes.

Start decluttering

Be realistic, items you have right now, cannot fit into your new small apartment. No matter where you are moving to, keep in mind that your lifestyle will be different (even if you are moving locally). Before you start packing, declutter and organize your items. What to keep and what to toss. If you don’t have time to pack, Georgia has amazing movers to offer who can help.

If you didn’t use that particular item for 6 months or more, you probably don’t need it anymore. If you are having a hard time throwing away items, ask friends for help.

Downsizing your house to an apartment and organizing items.
After all, do you really need all your belongings?

Sell or donate your items

Now the next question is, what to do with all those items you won’t move? You have several options, but the best of them is to sell or donate items you don’t need.

For example, organize a garage sale and invite al people from your area to come and be part of this big sale. If you want to do something nice, donate clothing, furniture, appliances, books to a charity. There are many organizations that need that help.

Take the most of your apartment

Be creative and positive. It is a big change to move from a big to a small home, but there are so many ways to make your small home look bigger and to add more storage space.

  • Add shelves on the walls and more shelves in your closet
  • Add more mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger space
  • Use space under the bed as a storage
  • Paint your walls in bright colors
  • Use multipurpose furniture

Renting a storage unit

To be honest, it is not easy to say goodbye to some of the items, especially to the items with emotional value. On the other hand, your new apartment is too small for your belongings. This is why many people rent a storage unit, so they can keep some of the items. You can store there off-seasons clothing, Christmas decorations, old kid’s toys, etc. Downsizing your house to an apartment does not mean you have to throw everything away.

Search for storage companies in the area where you are moving to and choose the size of a storage unit. You can find a reliable company like If you are hiring a moving company, ask them if they are offering storage services too.

A building with apartments.
Living in an apartment has its own benefits, but they are usually smaller from houses

How to transport all or items to a new apartment?

Even if you don’t have a lot of items to move, you need to transport moving boxes somehow. What is the fastest and simplest solution? Hiring a moving company, no matter where you are moving to. Another good thing is that you won’t have too many moving boxes, so relocation will be cheaper. So, this is also an affordable option. Move anywhere in Virginia hassle-free and transport all your items easily. If you hire a full-service moving company, they will pack and unpack your moving boxes too.

After the move, organize your new home

You should know how to arrange furniture after the move. Decorating and furnishing a smaller apartment is more complicated and you need to have more ideas and to be creative with the space you have.

Today, there is a big range of furniture for small apartments – multipurpose furniture. And what is the most important thing, do not make clutter and don’t buy items you don’t need, stop shopping. When downsizing your house to an apartment, try to keep only necessary furniture, clothing decorations, etc. If you don’t know how to organize your small home, hire a professional interior designer.

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