Everyhing you wanted to know about moving to York, Maine

And York in the state of Maine is a nice small, family-friendly town with a long history. It is a fashionable summer resort, and many residents live from tourism. York in Maine has been a trading center in the past, and remnants of that glorious past can be seen there even today. So, what is there to know about moving to York, Maine? This is the question that we are going to tackle in this article. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

York in the past

York in the state of Maine has been founded by Europeans in 1624, and its first name was Agamenticus. Agamenticus was the native term for the York River. Natives who lived there were called Abenaki. It is one of the oldest incorporated cities in America. But York had a sad part of its history. During King William’s war, York was destroyed in the Candlemas Massacre of 1692. It was destroyed by the Abenaki tribe, who saw European expansion as a treat to their way of living. King William’s war was a North American part of the Nine Year’s war that was waged in the continent of Europe. Many people were killed in this raid by the Abenaki tribe, and many of them were captured.

History book.
York has a rich and turbulent history.

After some time, York became a trading center. Many merchants lived in York, and they were trading lumber for other commodities like sugar. However, President Thomas Jefferson issued a trade embargo on all foreign nations, and that crippled the trade in York. York lost its significance, and it became prosperous again after the Civil War when it became a tourist attraction.

Today, York is a fashionable summer resort. It retains many distinctive examples of Gilded Age architecture. Now it is a small town that is mainly a summer resort.

What is there to know about moving to York, Maine?

So, how can you move to this beautiful town, and what is there to know about moving to York in Maine? Let’s explore that question.

Should you move on your own to York?

The logical question arises – should you move on your own to York in Maine, or should you hire a moving company? Well, the answer is obvious. Long-distance relocation is never easy, it is not like moving just around the corner, and this is exactly why you need to hire a moving company when moving to York in Maine. So, why exactly should you hire a moving company when relocating to York? Let’s see.

Long-distance relocation requires vehicles

Many people who decide to move on their own quickly find out that they simply do not have enough space for all of their stuff. This is exactly why moving companies exist. They have the right machinery, and their employees are trained professionals. But read the reviews of moving companies first! Also, having trucks is their main advantage. It is as simple as that, they have trucks and you don’t have them, probably.

You can hurt yourself

Moving is a physically hard and mentally stressful process. You have to carry many heavy and bulky things, and they are – heavy and bulky. That means that you can easily hurt yourself while you are carrying them, and on its own, it is a bad thing. And no one likes to be hurt.

Moving to York with teddy bear.
Moving to York without the help of a professional moving company can be fatal.

Also, as we all know, medical costs can be pretty high, even if you have insurance. Why would you go through that kind of trouble? It is wise to hire a professional and reliable moving company like Preferred Movers who can move you to York, Maine.

And you can easily damage something you own

As we said, moving is not an easy task. Other than strength, time, machinery, and will, you have to be careful with the things you are carrying. Many things that you will be carrying can be both heavy and fragile, and that can be dangerous. Those kinds of things, like wall mirrors and glass tables, can be very prone to damages. You can easily spend more on repairs. So, why risk breaking or damaging something you own? Hire a reliable moving company, save money when moving, and get rid of your worries when it comes to moving to York, Maine.

How to pack for moving to York, Maine

Packing is one of the most crucial, if not the most crucial part of the moving process. Many people tend to overlook this part, thinking that it will be easy. And yes, packing shouldn’t be hard, but it can be, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. So, in this part of the article, we are going to tackle the problem of packing when it comes to moving to York in Maine.

There are golf courses in York

Since we already know that York in Maine serves a summer resort today, it is only natural for this town to have golf courses. Americans love their golf, and York can offer that to them. So, pack your golf equipment, and enjoy the golf courses in York.

Golf ball.
You should pack for golf.

Buy packing materials

It is important to have the right packing materials for moving to York. We guess that many of your things are fragile, and you should buy the right packing materials for them. They are not that expensive, and you can find all of them in a supermarket. You’ll need plastic beans, sticky tape, and boxes (or bins, or crates). You can even use old newspapers for packing, and you can probably find those at your home.

Also, it is best to use custom-made crates for your larger things. But they can be a little bit expensive. But you should always use plastic wrap for them. Just be careful with objects with the glossy finish. Plastic wrap can damage them.


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