Fun family activities in Hillsborough county, NH

You can have a rough day, week, or even a year but it all fades up when it comes to vacation. When you plan it with your family, you are aware that you need a great idea and a detailed plan. The problem arises when you are out of ideas. Do not rush with your decisions in that case, because you will end up unhappy. An attempt to please everyone may seem like a hard one, but it is plausible. Finding fun family activities in Hillsborough County is an easy job to do. The hardest part may be finding something in which you can all enjoy and have fun. You can find great activities for the whole family on every corner.

Treasure hunt

Hillsborough County is the most populous county in New Hampshire and the most densely populated one Geography in this county is diverse which allows the number of activities to be developed. You can find populated rural areas in the west and on the other side, suburban and urban environments in the east. There is something for everyone. The main task is to find the right activity for your entire family. Depending on your interests, find the perfect and fun family activities in Hillsborough county. The best option is to search for something that you will all enjoy. Places with a great selection of exciting attractions are :

  • Merrimack
  • Nashua
  • Manchester
  • Peterborough
  • Goffstown
Family walking
Find your treasure

There is no wrong choice here. You can find everything you are interested in, from the outdoor activities to the museums or even fun parks. You might fall in love with one of them. In that case, My Brooks Moving New Hampshire will be there to help you out with moving to your new address.


This is a great town divided into four villages Merrimack Village, Thorntons Ferry, Reeds Ferry, and South Merrimack. Merrimack is a safe, clean town and that can mean a lot when you want to stay in there. On the border of this town, you can find beautiful Baboosic Lake and enjoy the day in nature. The other option is Greeley Park that occupies 125 acres, from the Merrimack River, across Concord Street, to Manchester Street. Later on, you can visit the inspiring SEE Science Center and your kids will be thrilled. It is a small science center that offering an array of educational & interactive exhibits. This could be fun for all and don’t be afraid to open your eyes to the new chances and beauties.


The first thing you are going to notice in Nashua is sprawling Mine Falls Park, which stretches along the Nashua River. The Greeley Park features picnic areas and a playground so you will immediately feel the vibe of this city. Silver Lake State Park is an 80-acre state park located along with New Hampshire which is a perfect place for nature lovers. If you are one of them, you will end up your quest in here for sure. You can have some fun outdoor family activities in Hillsborough county, right here in Nashua. If that is not enough for the kids, and they have some more energy to spend, you can visit Fun World. This is a family-oriented amusement park with many activities. Don’t be surprised if this town amazes you. Its unique nature will enchant you, and you will want to explore everything, right after you move.

Paret and a child holding hands
Lead them to new adventures


Manchester is a city on the Merrimack River and the most populous city in northern New England. Town has three main retail areas and some great cultural landmarks. You can easily come here because of the great transport. If you think it through, this is a perfect place for living. If you make such a decision, remember that you can settle in here trouble-free. Local moving services could give you great assistance, so your move, even with your kids, can be trouble-free. Because of all it has to offer, this town can be your new residence. That way, your whole family will be active. In the Crotched Mountain Ski and Ride and McIntyre Ski Area, you will have so much fun. You can visit many art centers and museums but also have a wonderful time on the lake or in the park.


The town became famous after the establishment of the MacDowell Colony that attracted numerous artists. This is a home to Edward MacDowell Dam and Lake recreation area. This will give you many opportunities to have fun family activities in Hillsborough county. You can always walk across the dam, hike, do some cross-country ski, swim, have a picnic, play Frisbee golf, horseshoes. Except that, Peterborough is a global village and entrepreneurial seedbed and it is a leader in sustainability. If you love nature you have to save it, and people from this town know that. If you fall in love, just pack your bags, organize your move and come here. You will be happy with this decision.

Family in the park
Have a wonderful time together


Last but not least valuable town on our tour is Goffstown. For a start, this town has a rich history and many attractions for some fun family activities you can have in Hillsborough county. The town center is on the Piscataquog River near the western boundary of the town. You can visit Uncanoonuc Mountains, Lake, a pond, or a swamp, all in one area. Goffstown Historical Society can be a great way to spend a quality day with your family. The most important thing is that you wi collect some new memories together.

As you can see this county is focused on natural beauties.  You can be sure in one thing if you decide to visit Hillsborough county, you will want to stay. This is a great surrounding for the kids to grow up and for you to have a fuller and healthier life. Fun family activities in Hillsborough county don’t have to end up just as fun. You can use this trip to find something you like and maybe even a new residence. If you feel comfortable around here, just do it, move.

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