Buyer’s guide to modern design houses in Shoreline, WA

The way your house looks is crucial for feeling comfortable in your home. This is why interior designers treat every single detail with equal attention. Essentially, when you are looking to buy a home, the value of your home will beat the market price based on whether the home has been decorated tastefully or not. For this reason, homebuyers should pay attention to the layout, style, and vibe the house exudes as much as the price. If you are searching for a house to purchase, we have written this short buyer’s guide to modern design houses in Shoreline, WA.

But we are not talking about just any type of design. We will focus on modern design houses in Shoreline, WA in particular, mostly because houses designed in the spirit of contemporary architectural tenets usually have greater market value and turnover. So, when we say modern, we think along the lines of French Eclectic, Art Deco, Neo-Classical, Neo-eclectic, Postmodern, etc.

a nice clean apartment
Your new apartment should be functional as well as well-designed.

Modern design houses in Shoreline

Although it is easy to lose sight of function when having an impeccable design, you should be wary. A house that is truly modern is a house that is functional above all. So, minimalist architecture focuses on using clean, sharp shapes and state-of-the-art technology. So, concrete, steel, and glass fit into this architectural vision.

However, this does not mean that modern design houses in Shoreline, WA cannot have intricate decoration. The decoration can be intricate or even baroque, but as long as a certain level of functionality has been reached and the decoration has been tastefully incorporated with the modern feel of the house. Sometimes your home might be several steps away from being designed in a modern way. You might need to incorporate some changes into your new home. While it is being remodeled, you should try to find safe and cost-effective solutions for storing your belongings while the construction is being done inside your home.

The function of modern design houses in Shoreline

The function should be the number one concern for buyers who seek to find modern design houses in Shoreline, WA. Essentially, the days of buying beautiful but impractical homes are behind us. Nowadays serious homebuyers should not settle for buying anything beyond true functionality. 

Painting a fence.
The colors you choose to decide whether the apartment has a modern vibe to it or not.

If you have found a home in Shoreline which is in need of major remodeling, you might want to consider renting a portable storage unit for temporarily storing your belongings, such as those that are offered at websites such as

Color schemes

In modern design, the color schemes employed can be crucial for achieving a truly modern look. They rarely deviate from pastel tones and calm, warm tones. However, some details can vary from the pastel color base achieved through beige furniture and pastel paint.

The reason that modern interior designers rely on neutral colors is that neutrals are the most appealing to the eye. Hopefully, this advice completes our short buyer’s guide to modern design houses in Shoreline, WA.

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