Guide to moving to Northern Virginia in 2022

If it is time to move, you should organize it on time. What is important to know before relocating to a new address? If your new home will be Northern Virginia, make sure to know what to expect after moving there and of course, how to move there with ease. Moving to Northern Virginia can be stressless and simple if you have the right guide to follow.

Good organization is vital

There are a lot of things that need to be answered before moving. A good organization will make the process easier but if you don’t have any experience with moving or you have never been to Northern Virginia, having some tips and tricks can be very helpful. You can use some of the best moving apps but also, you should explore a place where you are moving to. In this case, Northern Virginia.

Pros of moving to Northern Virginia

Why do people move to Northern Virginia, also called NoVa? What are the advantages of living there and what this area in Virginia has to offer to its residents? This area has a rich history, a long tradition, and nice people. But that is not all. Living in Northern Virginia offers many different opportunities.

What are the pros and cons of moving this year?

Here are some of the pros of moving to Northern Virginia this year.

  • The education system is great which is important if you are moving with kids to this area or you are planning a family in 2022 or soon. Including all schools from grade schools to graduate schools and universities, Virginia is definitely one of the best places.
  • Most people are moving because of the job. The job market in Northern Virginia is strong and there are a lot of opportunities for career seekers. 25% of Virginia’s population works for the government, but it is not the only place where you can find a job. The unemployment rate is only 3.6% and this state is one of the best for businesses. The median income is $73,000.
  • The transportation system is well-developed in NOVA.
  • If you are looking for a safe place in the USA, Virginia is one of them. The crime rate is very low which makes NoVa a perfect place for raising kids for example and living a peaceful life.
  • You cannot be bored in Northern Virginia because it has plenty of attractions to see. Shorelines, local stores, big malls, amazing restaurants, plenty of museums, historic areas, Shenandoah National Park, and many more things you should visit after moving to Northern Virginia.
  • The healthcare facilities are top-notch. Health is always in the first place and Northern Virginia has amazing doctors and a healthcare system.
  • The weather is nice too because you will be able to experience all 4 seasons in one year. Snowy and cold winters and hot summer days.
  • Northern Virginia is a melting pot of cultures and demographics and it is a very diverse place.

Best places in NoVa to move to

Northern Virginia is not a small area. It has some beautiful neighborhoods to offer.

Google maps.
Find the best place in NOVA for you

Where are people moving to when it comes to NOVA? Here is the list of some of the top places in Northern Virginia to consider as your future home. Explore them more and visit some of them. It is different when seeing things in person. There are so many places in the Mid-Atlantic region you should see because this entire region has a vibrant lifestyle and the longest American history.

  • Arlington
  • Falls Church
  • The Old Town of Alexandria
  • Fairfax City
  • Chantilly

Where you will move to depends on the location of your job or if you are moving with a family, the location of their future school.

Each one of those places is unique and special

Choosing the right location is a key when organizing a relocation. Also, the costs of rent depending on the neighborhood where you will live. Some of them are less or more expensive. It depends on your income and budget. Even if you need to settle in fast make sure to choose the right location for your home.

How to move to Northern Virginia with ease?

How to pack and move to your new home in Northern Virginia? Where to start with the organization?

  • Choose the right neighborhood and home
  • Tell your family about relocation
  • Would you like to move by yourself or with professional help?
  • Set a budget
  • Start packing on time and gather moving supplies

Hiring a moving company

It is highly recommended to hire a moving company for this task, especially if you don’t have any experience with moving. By hiring professionals, you will handle a move with less stress. Of course, a moving company must be licensed and insured. Explore movers from this area and hire one that fits you the best. Compare different offers, services, and prices. You can hire full-service movers such as Zippy Shell Moving and Storage NV or hire a company that will only transport items from point A to point B.

Creating a checklist for moving to Northern Virginia.
Make a to-do list and have a better-organized relocation to NOVA

Renting a storage unit when moving

Many people are renting a storage unit when moving. For example, the house is not ready yet for moving in, you are remodeling, or not all of your items can fit in. Reasons are different as well as storage units. There areĀ units with special conditions if you need climate-controlled storage, for instance. They are good if you have goods to store, food, or items that are sensitive to temperature changes.

Prepare on time and ask for assistance

Make a checklist when moving to Northern Virginia to help you stay organized. You can download it online in a couple of minutes if you don’t have time. Ask people who moved recently to NoVa for advice and recommendations on real estate agents and movers. Friends’ assistance is an important help when moving long-distance because some people can’t manage it alone. Moving doesn’t need to be stressful!

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