Guide to upsizing your home in New Brunswick, NJ

Do you need a bigger home? Is it now the right time for upsizing your home in New Brunswick? How to do it and where to start? Because there are so many questions about this subject, you should first search for some guide to help you. Upsizing a home is a big decision, especially financially. It is more expensive and you will have more responsibilities. But, if your family is getting bigger, then it is one of the best solutions.

Guide to upsizing your home in New Brunswick

What should you consider when upsizing your home in New Brunswick and how to determine are you ready for this step or not? Do you need to start to pack for your upcoming relocation or can you remodel your home to make it bigger?

A man packing moving boxes.
Is your current home too small? If you need a bigger place, then one of the options is to move to a bigger home

Time to upsize your home

You have made a decision to buy a bigger property and now it is time to plan each step in advance.

  • Do you need to sell your home first before you buy a new one? It depends on your finances. If you need to sell your home first, then don’t waste time and hire a good real estate agent who will sell your home as quickly as possible.
  • New Brunswick, NJ is a city with many beautiful homes, so choose a location in New Brunswick where you want to live – choose the right neighborhood for you and your family. Location is one of the most important things when buying a house.
  • Upsizing your home in New Brunswick will cost you more, so keep in mind that your monthly bills will be higher. Can you afford it right now or you should wait a little longer?
  • Consider the resale value in the future if you will sell a house in the future – is it a good investment or not?

Choose the right timing for upsizing a home because home prices are rising and falling. Also, try to get the best deal by negotiating. The median home price in New Brunswick, NJ is $304,800 but because you need a bigger home, expect to pay more.

Hire a local real estate agent and set your priorities. You should be able to find a house big enough for you and your family in New Brunswick, NJ. It is one of the great places to raise your family and also, many young professionals choose to live here.

Moving to a bigger home in New Brunswick, NJ

How to move all your items to a bigger home in NJ? What is the easiest and safest way to do it? Hiring a local crew to transport your belongings is one of the best options in this situation. After finding a perfect home for you and your family, it is time to relocate your household items and to plan your relocation. 

Packing moving boxes.
After finding a house big enough for your needs, it is time to move there and start a new life. Pack your household items and move to a new house in New Brunswick

New Jersey has a lot of moving companies to offer, but you cannot hire any company. Choose experienced, reputable, and reliable mover with a license and insurance. Never hire a company without a license because it is one of the biggest red flags. One of the companies to consider hiring is Ample Moving. Be fully prepared for upsizing your home in New Brunswick, including moving there. 

Renovating your current home in New Brunswick

Besides moving to a bigger house, there is one alternative – renovating your current home and make it bigger. If it is possible, then you should at least consider this option. You can rent a storage unit when renovating your home and make your dream home. If the current house is yours and if you can get a permit to make it bigger, then it may be the perfect solution. Depending on the renovation, this option might be even cheaper than buying a new house. You can change the size of the rooms or add an extra room. If you have enough space in your yard, building a shed can be an option too.

Create your budget for upsizing and be realistic of what can you get from your house. There are not only costs of renovation, think about new mortgage, household bills, resale value, etc. A bigger home means more money and more responsibilities, but it is worth it, especially if your family is big.

Hire an experienced and reliable contractor and create a new floor plan. This way you don’t need to move to a new home. But, sometimes renovation is not possible and your only option is to move to a new house. In that case, organize NJ relocation like a pro and find your dream home in New Jersey.

Upsizing your home in New Brunswick and renovating it.
If renovating is possible, you should consider it and make your home bigger, Big enough for your family


There are many reasons for upsizing your home in New Brunswick, but the main one is a growing family. Other reasons are getting a new job with a bigger salary or planing kids in the near future. Create a plan and set a budget. Ask yourself questions before you start with any step and be fully prepared – not only financially.

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