Helping a hoarder move to a new home in Rockville MD

Helping a hoarder move to a new home in Rockville is a great challenge. However, when you apply some of the tips we will list below, this move can be a breeze.

Clean and declutter the place first when helping a hoarder move to a new home

Before you do anything else, like start with your packing, you must first clean and declutter the place. That will help you separate the things that you want to take with you to Rockville from the ones that are not your priority. We strongly advise you to throw away everything that is broken or damaged beyond repair. Since you already have many items, you should not waste any money on transporting those.  Therefore, make sure to dispose of unwanted items.

A person using a mop to clean the place while helping a hoarder move to a new home.
Clean and declutter your place before you do anything else.

Get rid of all the items that are unnecessary

Then, you should see which things you no longer need. The best solution will be to sell them on the internet, for it is much safer than organizing a garage sale during the Coronavirus pandemic. Before you send any item to your buyers, make sure to clean it thoroughly. Surely, you will have some items that you cannot sell before your moving day because you obviously have a lot of them. Well, the best will be to donate those things and make some people happy in these hard times. If you happen to have a lot of toys, do not hesitate to donate some of them to some orphanage nearby. We assure you that you will feel better. In addition, you will save a lot of money on transporting all of those items when relocating to Rockville.

A teddy bear.
If you happen to have many toys, you can sell some and give some to a local orphanage and make the kids there happy.

Find a storage space when helping a hoarder move to a new home in Rockville

The next step is finding an appropriate storage space for all the belongings. This will definitely be necessary. However, make sure that the space you rent for storing the items is clean and dry. Today, many companies, like Excalibur Moving and Storage have to offer these services. Before you make a final decision about which storage space to rent, you should read all recommendations. Remember that a storage unit of low quality equals danger for the items to be stored.

Hire professional help for packing or call your friends to help you

Finally, since there will be so many things to move, you should consider hiring a professional moving company. Their transport services will be of great help to you. Also, you can call your friends to come to your current place and help you with packing. Surely, that will make the whole process much faster and easier for you.

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