Helping your elderly parent move and stay healthy during coronavirus crisis – Miami edition

In addition to moving being a complicated and stressful task, moving elderly parents makes it even more complicated. They tend to be passive and do not want to move so the process will not be easy from the start. Also, once the move starts, it will all fall onto you. If you add to that the Corona pandemic which is currently sweeping the US, things get even more complicated if not impossible. Florida and particularly Miami are also being affected by the virus so, if you are moving there, you need special preparation. So, if you are helping your elderly parent move and stay healthy you will find some useful information here.

Miami And Corona

Miami FL is one of the best places for retirees to settle. The whole of Florida has great weather and nature to offer to the elderly. Sun, white-sand beaches and the sea are perfect for enjoyment and relaxation in old age. Also, with a lot of entertainment to offer, its no wonder that Florida has some thriving retiree communities. However, moving elderly people is not an easy task and requires special prep and engagement.

An elderly couple walking hand in hand.
The elderly are the risk group for the coronavirus.

At the same time, it is clear that the corona pandemic is also causing considerable problems in Florida and Miami. Any moving project is faced with the health security issue that demands careful planning and organization to keep everyone safe and protected. Luckily, many movers such as Miami Movers for Less have prepared do provide you with the service that will provide just that. So here is what you will need to know about moving your elderly and the corona issues you will face.

Moving elderly parent issues

Moving the elderly has its unique challenges that you have to keep in mind:

You must communicate with them. They will have to know about the move well in advance and you should prepare them. Your elderly parents should know why they are moving, the benefits of moving, and where they will be living. This information will help them prepare and adjust to have a smoother transition and cause less distress.

You must plan effectively. Preparation requires you to plan for the new home and its furnishings and organization. You must decide how it will all work.

Recruit relatives to help you. Enlisting relatives will provide you with the manpower you will need. At the same time, your elderly will be surrounded with familiar faces and love during the prep and moving process and help them transition and adapt.

A woman holding her daughter under arm and walking, something you will go through while helping your elderly parent move.
Moving the elderly can be complicated.

Sort and organize their belongings. Helping your elderly parent move is usually a downsizing job that will require you to sort things out and get rid of the surplus furniture and other belongings they do not need anymore. This has to be done in such a way to not cause anguish due to the emotional attachment.

Moving in time of Corona

Coronavirus outbreak is causing much trouble in many fields as well as in the moving industry. There is a whole set of challenges to overcome to execute an efficient move today. The problem is in the way you can keep everyone safe and protect yourself and your parents during the process. To do that you will have to:

While this advice can help you execute a safe move with minimal risk, one of the crucial things is to hire professional movers. The movers have to be conscientious to take every safety precaution during the move. For example, you can execute a North Miami move with the help of reliable crew that respects the moving rules and safety advice.

A woman wearing a protective facemask.
Moving the elderly in the time of coronavirus is difficult but not impossible with the right protection.

So, the best way to execute your move is to wait until the pandemic is over. But if you are forced to do it in time of corona don’t panic. Educate and inform yourself to keep your elderly parents safe and protected and help them cope with stress as well.

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