Homebuyer’s guide to Royal Oak, MI

You might be a regular person in your mid-30s, who has already owned a few properties and knows how things work. Or you might be a student, just discovering this surprisingly complex world of estate acquisition. Whichever abovementioned category you identify yourself with, here is a short homebuyer’s guide to Royal Oak on how to make the transition from the place you`re currently living into the soon-to-be-bought place of your own. 

Why Royal Oak?

Which better occasion to move than just after getting that dream job in Detroit? You most likely know for a fact that you want to have the peace only a small city can provide. So why let that stay in the way of you working in one of the biggest firms in Detroit? You could easily move to a cozy town, such as Royal Oak, which is only around 15 miles away from the former capital of Michigan.


Panorama of Detroit
Once you’ve found your dream city and have the mental comfort from home, you can move to the next steps.

So, in addition to the useful tips provided earlier and packing and moving tips that await you, you are also free to check this homebuyer`s guide we have prepared to facilitate your job even further on.

Identify the house of your dreams

This is actually the easiest part of the homebuyer’s guide to Royal Oak because all you need to do is some daily visiting. Once you have successfully identified the right location for your day-by-day life, check as many properties as time permits. Don`t rush into buying anything just like that, because it`s not like you`re going on holiday. This is a long-term commitment, so guide yourself through making the best out of it. And even though by law you are taking advantage of the protection offered by the latent defect guarantee regarding buying properties, you should double or even triple check every single brick.

A second opinion can only be for the best, so don`t go alone. If you don`t have a partner in crime yet, take a friend. People usually perceive things from a different angle, which means that even some silly or silly comments from your bestie can actually prove to be of great use in the end. Also, be informed that, when it comes to moving your belongings to Roayl Oak, experienced teams in the area are the best help so make sure you are not running out of time in the end.

Are you mastering the art of negotiation?

Once you have the location and the place figured out keep your calm and let cold blood take control. The seller shouldn`t be suspecting that you`re over the heels for his place so maintain a poker face, while only making vague statements, letting him wonder what the problem is. Then it`s time to bring out the big guns, by using a little guide on two of the most commonly used strategies in negotiations.

Two men shaking hands.
Make sure to hide your excitement away from the seller.

The first one is making a lowball offer. This will lower his expectations faster than him realizing he`s already playing ball. So make this ridiculously low offer from the beginning which will for sure make him say out loud the price he is not going to below. This will make it so much less time-consuming for both of the parties in the overall process.

The second stratagem in our homebuyer’s guide to Royal Oak might work wonders if the seller hasn’t had any luck so far with people coming by. You’ve already guessed it, it’s high time to play some good old-fashioned game of “good cop, bad cop”. One of the partners has to stick to a very convincing “no” type of response, which would make the other partner seem much more approachable. This will make the seller lower his guard even more, as long as persuasive characters are on stage. He won`t even have time to guess what hit him.

Downpayment – a nasty topic

If you ended up checking articles about moving online, for sure you are in search of a strategy. A strategy to manage somehow and finally buy a place of your own. First of all, you need to know that most of the programs for money loans are asking for a minimum of 20% deposit. This way, the bank is reducing its lending risk. Seems legit, right? But what if your savings are not enough to cover this little tiny aspect? 

A piggy nbank on a pile of banknotes.
They say that banks are the sort of friend who lends you an umbrella when it`s sunny outside and asks for it back when it`s raining. Compromises have to be made.

Here is where it becomes a little tricky because you will be an active subject for mortgage insurance. You might not like this section of the guide, once you get to read this. But compromising might be the only way to finally move away from your folks. Or from sharing a room with your brother. So if you decided you want to relieve the back pain from sleeping on your cousin`s couch, just remember that picture next time you are on the edge to react to some of the bank`s apparently preposterous conditions… The audacity!

The struggle is almost over

Planets are now aligned in your favor. Things are working as per the homebuyer’s guide to Royal Oak. So the only thing left for you is going back to basics. Remember the thing I suggested from the very beginning of the article. Something that shouldn`t be neglected while in search of your new home: the moving company.

The good news is that many of our readers have chosen the comfort of Royal Oak long before you did. Keeping their jobs in the Motor City made them chose the same city as a home. And judging by their reviews, experts from High Quality Movers Michigan seems to have all it needs to take you there. So forget about your porch in Mid-Michigan and focus on the new life you are about to start.

A homebuyer's guide to Royal Oak leads through an oak forest
Note that the city of Royal Oak has deep historical roots.

Congratulations! You are almost there. And I am sure the level of your excitement has already reached its peak. But please do note there are a few more things you should arrange for straight after moving in. It’s just a brief additional guide so that you make sure everything has fallen right into this place. This is a long-term commitment to yourself, so do not overlook any of the steps in our homebuyer’s guide to Royal Oak.

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