House adaptation ideas for an elderly family member

When people get older, some of them want to move in with kids, some people move to a nursing home, while others need just some home repairs. There are plenty of house adaptation ideas for an elderly person, in order to make a house safer and their life, easier. Here are some tips that may help you change a home a little bit.

Moving to a different home

Help your parents when they get older and adjust home to their needs. In some cases, repairs are not enough, unfortunately. For example, if a house is too big, they need to downsize a house to an apartment, or if they have too many stairs in the house, then moving is one of the options. It is normal to move to a different home after retirement, even when people are capable to do everyday tasks. Kids are no longer there, also, many seniors want to live in warmer and more affordable places.

An elder woman.
If you have an elder person in your family, do everything to make his or her life comfortable, easy, and safe

In case you have a senior in your family (parents or grandparents), you can search for more homes together. If they are strong and healthy, there is no need to move into a nursing home. They just need a house that fits all their requirements and a house that is safe.

After choosing a suitable house for an elderly family member, or if he/she is moving in with you, now it is time to figure out how to transport all the household items from one home to another. Of course, a senior shouldn’t pack and move alone, professional assistance is highly recommended. To help them to settle in easily, you should hire a reliable moving company with experience in moving seniors. 

Having relocation assistance will make relocation easier, safer, and faster. Also, you won’t worry a lot, because moving injuries are common when moving, unfortunately.

Talking about house adaptation ideas for an elderly
Now, taking care of your elderly family member is your responsibility. Invest time and money to have a safe house for a senior

House adaptation ideas for an elderly family member

If moving is not an option, or you want to repair a house after moving, then you need some ideas on how to get it done. Also, keep in mind that is not recommended to move an elderly loved one during a pandemic. Do it only if it is necessary and you cannot postpone the relocation.

On what to pay attention to and what things need to be changed in order to make house good for an elder person? Here are some house adaptation ideas for an elderly person that may help.

  • Getting in and out of a home with a ramp is easier if there are stairs. Add enough light outside but make sure not to annoy neighbors.
  • Install a system that lets you speak to visitors such as a door-entry intercom, wireless doorbell, or a video entry phone.
  • To make moving around the house easier, install, motion-lights, get rid of unnecessary furniture, adjust doors of your parent is in a wheelchair, etc.
  • One of the house adaptation ideas for an elderly person is to add an extra banister rail or a stairlift if a house has stairs.
  • Make changes in a bathroom too. For example, add hands-free toilets, battery-powered bath lifts that support the weight, and a flood detector.
  • In the kitchen, move items that are in top cabinets, down. Make sure everything can be reached easily, without needing a chair.
  • Avoid putting carpets, because if an elder person has a sight problem, loose carpets may be dangerous.
  • Add smoke detectors in every room in the house. This should be done in every house, not only in the house where seniors live.
  • If tiles are slippery, change them or cover them with non-slippery material, in the kitchen, and bathroom.
  • If the bed is too high, the best option is to buy a new one, which is lower. This way an elder person will easier get up.
A photo of a house.
Look for home ideas online and also, ask professionals for advice

Renting a storage unit

Don’t make clutter in the house and make sure nothing is on the way. Keep the space open and clear, so your parent or grandparent can move easily. To accomplish it, some items need to go out. Sell, donate, or get rid of them. But, some items have emotional value, they cannot be in the garbage, or they are seasonal (for example, Christmas decoration), so what to do with those items? Where to store them?

Storage units are a great solution for unnecessary stuff – they will be safe there and the house will be clean and decluttered – 2 in 1. Consider on-site storage unit because these types of storages can be in front of the house, or wherever you want. Just choose the location. It is one of the advantages of a portable storage unit. 

Also, if your elderly family member is moving, a storage unit can be rented temporarily during the relocation. Make sure to hire a company that can offer both services – moving and storage. Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV are one of those companies, so consider them as moving assistance.


Before adjusting a home, first, make sure is it worth it. Sometimes is better to move, for example, Florida is one of the most popular states for seniors, so they are moving to Fort Lauderdale after retirement or other beautiful cities near the beach.

It is our responsibility to take care of our elders and to make their life easier. If the house needs some repairs and adjustments, then search online for ideas, consult experts, hire contractors – there are so many options to consider when it comes to house adaptation ideas for an elderly family member.

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