Housing options for seniors in New York City

Looking for affordable senior housing in New York City can seem like an overwhelming task. ‍Because if you’re on a fixed income from social security and your pension, the ever-increasing rent in NYC can seem to be out of your budget. But, the good news is that there are housing options for seniors in New York City.

What housing options for seniors in New York City are available?

Take a look at the different kinds of housing options that are available to you. Because you must know what to look for before you start learning how to spot the best moving companies in the USA

New York City - Housing options for seniors in New York City
There are many housing options for seniors in New York City.

Low-income housing

If you have 62 years of age or more, and you meet specific income requirements, you might be eligible for low-income housing for seniors in NYC. NYC’s Department for the Aging manages the program. They will review your financial situation to determine your eligibility. The DFTA can give you information about different options that might be available to you. However, they can’t help you find a specific housing unit. And, you’ll have to find moving help tailored for the elderly. So, be ready for this.

Nursing homes

This is ideal for seniors who require a high level of daily care. You will get help with activities of daily living, and a high level of medical care. But, you’ll lose some independence. So, consult with your family and care professionals before you make the final decision.

Housing options for seniors in New York City – Assisted living programs

One of the housing options for seniors in New York City is assisted living programs in licensed housing facilities. This is ideal for seniors that don’t require nursing home level care. But, they need some assistance with activities of daily living. Or occasional therapy. Services usually include three meals a day, and house duties. Also, some facilities arrange social activities between residents. Plus, and you might be able to live with your partner, depending on the facility. So, hire professional movers like Divine Moving and Storage NYC to help you relocate here. 

Enriched housing programs

These programs are government-subsidized or non-profit apartment buildings. They are designed for the elderly who might need personal care services. This program includes light assistance with daily living tasks. But, it doesn’t include nursing or medical care. 

Seniors Siting Resting
Find the housing option that fits you most.

Home-sharing for NYC seniors

This is a program that matches elderly roommates who are a good fit for each other. To qualify, one of the roommates must be 60 or older. But, seniors may feel disconnected from their communities. If you decide that this option is good for you, try these tips for house-sharing in NYC. The New York Foundation for Senior Citizens (NYFSC) matches seniors to share a home.

Housing options for seniors in New York City – Adult homes for seniors

Adult homes are ideal for seniors that don’t need nursing or medical care but would like assistance with house chores. So, this housing option is similar to assisted living facilities. However, it doesn’t include cooking facilities. But, usually, service includes daily meals, so there is no need to cook.

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