How to cope with loneliness after moving to a new neighborhood

Moving is always a stressful process that can be tough to handle and execute. It is always connected to many sleepless nights and worrying about how it is going to play out. This problem stems from the fact that you are moving your entire life and stepping into the unknown. But once you have done it and you settle down, the move is not really over. Many people experience depression and a sense of loneliness once the move is over. People experience and have to cope with loneliness after moving whether they are moving to a new neighborhood or across the world. Dealing with loneliness and moving depression can be a long-lasting process.

Why do you feel depressed and lonely after a move?

Moving is a process of packing up your life and habits and moving to another place. It can be an exciting process but it is connected with uncertainty and the unknown. On one hand, you are stepping into new experiences and new and exciting endeavors but on the other, you face the unknown, risk, and uncertainty. Even if you move just around the corner with reliable crew, it can cause you great stress and anxiety. This is the main reason why people consider moving one of the main stressors in one’s life. In addition, you are not only moving away from the things you are comfortable with but also from the people. This means that you may start losing connection to your support structure and social community without having a new one to replace it. Depression in these conditions is inevitable. Loneliness is also certain for the foreseeable future or at least until you get your roots in.

A lonely woman sitting at a cafe and looking out of the window.
It is common to feel lonely after a move but you can change this.

Although it may be OK to take some time by yourself you should not make it a habit. Take some time to settle and unpack. Get accustomed to your new place and arrange the things as you want them. Be alone for a while, read, watch movies, and relax. But don’t let loneliness settle in. Get out and start by exploring your surroundings. Find out about your neighborhood and explore it. Getting used to a new place and adaptation will not be easy nor fast and be sure that dealing with moving depression will be a challenge. Dealing with loneliness is also not easy. But let us try to tackle the problem and concentrate on the loneliness issue.

How to cope with loneliness after moving

There is no certain way or a recipe on how to deal with it but there is plenty of advice. Let’s be clear about it, there are just some guidelines and possible solutions we can offer, but since all of the people are different, the way you can handle it will be subjective. So after you consider calling Philpot Relocation to handle your move get some advice that is aimed at helping you meet new people and making new social connections. So here are some of the aspects and advice that you should consider when you try to cope with loneliness after moving:

  • get to know your new neighbors
  • communicate with people during your commute
  • be active
  • volunteer
  • get connected to your colleagues
  • get a pet

Meeting the neighbors

Moving into a new city or even a neighborhood usually means a problem with maintaining the previous social circle. Many find it difficult to maintain relationships and they may feel lonely. One of the easiest ways to tackle this problem is to try and make connections with your new neighbors. Try to introduce yourself to your neighbors and spark a conversation. Ask about the neighborhood and nearby cafes, invite them for a coffee or drink to make that first step in making friends. You can even host a little party to meet the neighbors and find connections with those with shared interests. Knowing your neighbors can help you find new friends and can also be valuable if you need any help in an emergency.

Teddy bear holding a looking for a friend sign
Making friends is not that easy but you can do it


You can also spark up a conversation with people during your commute to and from work. You may be able to find someone with similar interest that can be a potential acquaintance or friend in the future. In not, you can always use the commute to call or message your friends and family to preserve the connection and catch up. You can also use it to research your colleagues and find ones with similar interests to try to make friends with.

Be active

You should try to research your new surroundings and find places to get into your old habits. If you workout you should try out gyms that are nearby. Also, widen your search to find the one that suits you most. Try to connect with people there and you are bound to find someone with similar interests and wants. This is a good way to meet new people and make friends so try to be active.

Try to volunteer

Try volunteering. Many cities have very active social and charity organizations. If you haven’t before, try to lend them a hand. Research food shelters and charity organizations in the area. Also, try to help in animal shelters. This is a great way to feel useful and help out. It will also help you make friends and meet different people that can become your new social circle.

Make friends at work

You can always find common interests with your colleagues. Communicate and find out what they are interested in. Suggest a lunch or get out for drinks after work. This will help in creating a stronger bond with them and you may make new friends that way. This will also help you get out more and meet different people and social circles that you may fit in and adapt to.

A group of people smiling.
Get out and use every opportunity to meet new people.

Adopt or buy a pet

Having a pet will help you deal with depression more easily. If you get a dog it will also make you get out into the world more. It will be a perfect opportunity to meet new people and make connections with people that share your interests. Having a pet can help break the ice and start a conversation more naturally and easily.

So, moving to a new place and neighborhood may seem too stressful and complex. It can cause you depression and loneliness but you can fight it. Get out there and say Hi, to people. You will make new friends in no time. Don’t be shy and embrace the moment. Invite people to your new place and socialize. Enjoy some fun moments with your new acquaintances and that will help you cope with loneliness after moving in no time.

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