How to do a background check on a moving company

Great assistance during every relocation is an absolute must. On your moving day, you always want the best possible help by your side. In other words, you want your belongings in the hands of experienced and reliable professional movers. But, you have to ask yourself one very important question while you are at it. Do all moving companies provide great moving services? Unfortunately, the answer is a big NO. However, by doing a background check on a moving company you can make sure you are hiring the right people for the job.

How to perform a background check on a moving company?

Believe it or not, moving scams are happening all over the place. Companies can trick you in many different ways. From overcharging you for services to not even providing services. Sadly, those that want to take advantage of others are creative and have many ways of exploiting others. That is why it is important to know what to look for when evaluating a moving company. Here are some details and signs you need to keep an eye out for.

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A background check on a moving company will provide security and protection against potential moving scams.

Every legitimate company has licensing credentials

To be a legal firm, a moving company has to be registered and licensed. If a company is not that is your first major red flag and indicator that you need to stay away from that company. Requirements can be different from one state to another. Yet, all companies should have a USDOT number. This number can easily be checked with the US Department of Transportation. You can learn so much more about moving companies on

Read online reviews

Reading online research is an essential part of this process. Ex customers are always very eager to share their experiences online. This is a great way to find out how legitimate a moving company is. Also, it is an excellent way to find out what to expect, which services have others used, do they overcharge, etc. There is a lot of useful information that can be picked up from online reviews. This way you can avoid filing a complaint against a moving company in your future.

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Both online reviews and reviews from friends and family are very useful when checking the legitimacy of a moving firm.

Talk to people around you

Nothing can beat a recommendation than from an actual persona that you have in your cycle. Experiences shared firsthand are the most ideal way of checking a moving company. Ask your friends, family and coworkers have they had any moving experiences in the near past. If somebody helped them settle in fast and without hassle they will certainly let you know.


There are plenty of different ways to do a background check on a moving company. The more ways a company checks out, the more secure you can be with your choice of movers. That is why you must start your search on time so you have plenty of space to make the needed checks. Once you choose just the right movers for your moving day, you can sleep easy knowing that you will be in great hands.

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