How to organize your NJ move like a pro?

Moving to a new place is always both stressful and exciting. When you are moving to NJ, you cannot but be excited since this is a beautiful and diverse place. However, moving as such can be overwhelming and stressful. It causes worry and usually is tied with a lot of sleepless nights. Organizing is one way of dealing with it and making it less stressful. But how do you do it? How do you organize your NJ move like a pro?

Having enough time is important

The key to having an organized move is to plan in advance. All of the activities required have to be meticulously planned, prepared and executed. This is even more important if you are organizing a long-distance move to NJ. Besides the plan, its important to find and hire a good, reputable moving company that will provide adequate insurance for your belongings.

New Jersey from the river - Hoboken.
Make your move to NJ an adventure – do it like a pro.

Besides that, there are other things you should prepare:

  • Make a time frame
  • Make an inventory of your things
  • Declutter
  • Pack and organize
  • Plan a date for the move.

Make a time frame for your move

It’s important to decide on your perfect time frame. If it’s a long-distance move, your planning and time frame should be prepared well in advance. The time frame or schedule is important so you can start preparing for the stressfree move on time. The schedule will define the steps you have to make, when and for how long. The schedule of your NJ move should contain all of the details of the prepping activities from inventorying, decluttering, packing and moving.

Make an inventory if you want to organize your NJ move like a pro

Over time we accumulate a lot of stuff. Most of them we end up not using and they take up space. When we are moving, those things become a burden so its good to make an inventory and sort them out. Inventory and sorting will help get organized when packing and loading your belongings. All of the stuff will also have to be sorted for further prepping. It is important to group your belongings by its importance during their move. For example, one group will be the things you will need to be unpacked right away, while others are not that important for the first day after the move. Some of the things you may decide that is not needed so they can be deposed of.


Decluttering means that you should try to decrease your moving load. There are a couple of ways to declutter. On one hand, you can get rid of the stuff you don’t need. It might be clothes or other household items that you can donate or give away to friends and family. Some of your belongings you can try and sell. It is also possible that you can have some belongings that you want to keep but don’t need in your NJ apartment. Some of those things you can put in storage for safekeeping. Many movers, like, also provide storage facilities that you can use.

Pile of boxes and a packing tape you will use when you organize your NJ move like a pro.
Get the right supplies for packing

Pack and organize like a pro

Once you have decreased the load you can start preparing for packing. It is good to prepare packing supplies in advance. These supplies can be expensive so you can try to gather some free cardboard boxes, use garbage bags for packing clothes or even use empty suitcases for packing. You can also opt to lease packing boxes from movers that provide eco-friendly packing.

When packing try to create a packing and labeling system. Sort the boxes by sizes to help your movers use up space in the most efficient way possible. Try to pack big boxes with lighter items, this will help preserve box construction and help protect your items.

Use an A-B-C system to help proper loading. Boxes labeled A should be loaded into a moving truck last as they contain stuff urgently needed for settling in.

Clearly label the boxes and bags. It is important to label boxes by content but it is even more important to label and group together fragile items. Also, let the movers know which boxes contain fragile items so they can take extra care.

Make a survival kit. The survival bag should contain all of the things you may urgently need during the move. The things you can’t afford to be without and pack with the rest of your stuff. This bag should contain important documents, medicines, iPads and other electronic devices necessary for work and other needs. The survival kit is not that necessary during short-distance moves but it is essential for long-distance moves when you can expect to be separated from your belongings for longer periods of time.

Plane a date for your NJ move

Planning a perfect NJ moving date is also important. Most of the moves are happening at the beginning and end of the month. This means that movers are overbooked. If you plan your move closer to the middle of the month you will be able to find available mover more easily and you might get a discount for avoiding peak moving days. Be in touch with the movers to avoid misunderstandings which can cause a problem on moving day.

Also, try to help the mover’s trough the implemented boxing system and try to keep the space clutter-free to help the load and unload the boxes more easily. Try to organize yourself and your movers to handle your move to NJ like pros.

Pick the right movers

Choosing the moving company is very important for a stress-free move. Try to hire the movers that are reliable, licensed and offer additional services like packing, insurance, etc. Try to research movers online and analyze their offers and reviews. Make sure they are well-equipped and experienced, fast, efficient and flexible. If you are moving furniture make sure that the movers are properly equipped and experienced to handle special and fragile pieces. For example, make sure the movers are able to execute the transporting your billiard table in no time and securely.

Back of a fully packed moving truck.
The right movers will have your move handled professionally.

So, moving is by its nature stressful wherever you are going. Moving to NJ is no different but it is important to know that it doesn’t have to be that way. With proper planning, you can organize your move to NJ like a pro. Take the time, plan and prepare and the move itself will be a breeze.

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