How to safely pack your house bar for long-distance move

Are you moving your bar to another state or to another country? Long-distance relocations are not simple, especially not when you need to transport fragile items such as glassware and liquors. Learn how to properly pack your house bar for long-distance move and do not make any mistakes.

Tips to pack your house bar for long-distance move

Packing fragile items is not easy, not to mention when you need to transport fragile items long-distance. Stress level is high, you need to know how to pack properly, how to avoid damages, etc. If you have a wine collection, whiskey collection, glassware, liquors…and you don’t want to leave it when moving, the only option is to transport it to your new house. Research moving companies from your area that are experienced with packing and moving a house bar and that are able to transport your belongings long distance. It is a must when moving these types of items more than 1000 miles because these are items you shouldn’t move by yourself.

Start to pack your house bar for long distance move
Your friends will love your house bar

Pack wine

For packing wine, you will need wine bottles, wrapping material, firm boxes, wine carriers, and strong tape. Get all the right packing supplies before you start with packing your wine. For moving long-distance,  a wine carrier is highly recommended. Secure bottles with wrapping material. Tape up the box and don’t forget to label it. If you don’t have a wine carrier, make a custom wine box from a strong moving box.

Pack liquor bottles

Packing liquor bottles is similar to packing wine bottles. Find a bottle carrier (in a liquor store, for example) or make your own cell box. For a local relocation, you can just wrap bottles with newspapers or air bubble foil, but it is not the case for a long-distance relocation. Because they last longer and bottles will be in a moving vehicle all day. For more protection, wrap bottles twice.

Pack glassware and barware

Packing glassware is a delicate job. Get a dish carton, tape, packing paper, cell dividers, strong and new moving boxes. Make the bottom of the box soft, by putting crumbled packing paper before putting glassware or barware. Wrap the glass and place the glass rim side down into the first cell, that should be your start. After placing all the glasses, add more packing paper inside of a box. In the end, tape the box, and don’t forget to label it.

Bottles and glasses.
If you enjoy having a favorite drink after a long day at work, moving your house bar is necessary

Bar counter

When you need to pack your house bar for long-distance move – usually, people need to pack a bar counter too, as well as the rest of the furniture. If your bar is not attached to the floor, use moving blankets to protect the floor and moving dollies. You will need help from at least one friend to help you out move a bar counter because it is big and heavy.

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