How to spend a weekend with your dog in Astoria, NYC

New York is a prime destination to visit and spend a weekend in. There is so much to do and experience in any of the five boroughs. If you are a dog owner, you can appreciate how pet-friendly the city is. Almost any activity is possible with your dog. Also, nearly every place is accessible to your pet. This makes visiting and living here with pets great. One of the places that are almost a mecca for people with pets is Astoria in Queens.  This suburb has a number of pet-friendly places where you can have a good time. Whether visiting or living here you might find it good to know how to spend a weekend with your dog in Astoria.

A bit about Astoria

Queens is one of the best-kept secrets in NYC. It is the largest borough and a place that invites you to explore. It is cheaper than Brooklyn and maybe even hipper. Astoria in Queens is one of the coolest neighborhoods in New York with plenty to see and do. It is a place of great diversity and a fun mixture of people, cultures, and languages. At the same time, it offers great food and an escape from the rush of the city. With many bars, parks, and restaurants it is a place where you can spend a lot of time enjoying the day or the weekend.  Spending time with your pets here is also a joy. Of course, it is easy to pay a visit over the weekend but, once you move here with you can enjoy every day with your pet here.

Bridge over the East River
Astoria is one of the hidden gems of NYC

Pet-friendly places to spend a weekend with your dog in Astoria

Astoria is a great place for people with pets. It is full of pet-friendly places so you can take your pet almost anywhere. All of those that like to spend time outdoors, taste some great food or spend time with friends at a bar will have an interesting time here. If you are interested here we will go through some of the most popular locations for having fun and spending time with a pet. The places you must not miss are

  • Château le Woof
  • Astoria Park
  • Arcadia Bar & Kitchen
  • Rainey Park
  • Beer Garden

Château le Woof

One of the must not miss places for a weekend with your dog is Château le Woof. This quaint cafe is a perfect place to relax with your dog. It is not only a pet-friendly place. It also features a pet store with plenty of snacks for your pet friends. Meet your friends here, enjoy the great craft coffee and reset after a long week. You can have a fun time with your dog in an off-leash play area and make a great start to the weekend here.

Astoria Park

One of the iconic locations in Astoria is Astoria park. It is a 60-acre park along the East River with great views and a lot of greenery. This is a perfect place to enjoy the fresh air with your dog. There is plenty to do here making it one of the reasons for moving to Queens and Astoria. The park offers great walking paths, tennis courts, playgrounds, and a swimming pool.  Most importantly the park has a vast dog park with off-leash hours. In addition, there is a Bugsy’s Dog Run park that can be great fun for your eager K-nine.

Astoria park is one of the best places to spend a weekend with your dog in Astoria
Astoria park is the perfect place to spend a weekend with your dog in Astoria

Arcadia Bar & Kitchen

After a good run, you can get your favorite pet to relax in one of the best restaurants in the area. Arcadia Bar & Kitchen does not offer only great food and drinks. It also caters to your dog’s needs with a selection of treats for your dog. You can spend time outdoors on the back patio. You can have a great time here whether you come during happy hour or for brunch with your dog.

Rainey Park

Named after Dr. Thomas Rainy this park is a haven for dog owners. It covers an area of 8 acres and is very pet friendly with off-leash hours. The park is located on the East River waterfront and has a beautiful promenade. The park also features a baseball field and grassy lawns for running and having fun. This is a great place for families with dogs offering a lot to do for everyone.

Beer Garden

Spending time in Astoria cat be complete without a visit to eh Beer Garden at Bohemian Hall. This beer garden has its origin in the 1800s and was created by Czech and Slovac migrants to the US. This is now a popular place with great European food and craft beer. The Bohemia Hall features a large beer garden that is perfect for spending time. It is a dog-friendly place and a great weekend place for relaxation.

People holding beer glasses
The Beer Garden is perfect for some weekend fun time

Astoria for dog lovers

Astoria is one of the best places you can choose to not only visit but also move to. It is interesting diverse and relatively cheap. For dog lovers, it is a great place. Not only on weekends but also during the workweek. So, anyone that cherishes having a good time with their pets can choose to move here. If you decide to do just that reach out to professional movers. There are plenty of reliable locals to assist your move to Astoria with your pet. Moving here will be easy and simple. It will also be less stressful for both you and your dog. Once you get here you will easily settle in and find the places that you will enjoy.

Astoria is the place to be

With all of this, it’s clear that Queens and Astoria are among the best places, you can choose to visit on your weekends. It is one of the least crowded places in NYC making it easy to spend a fun weekend with your pet. You will have a good time and have plenty to choose from. So, pick an activity and go out for a great weekend with your dog in Astoria.

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