How to store kitchen appliances

There’s nothing more pleasant to the eye than a clutter-free kitchen. When the kitchen is clear the whole room looks neat and orderly. But, you have such a room you need t know how to store kitchen appliances? So, here are some ideas for organizing and storing large and small appliances in and outside of your kitchen.

One of the first things you must do right after you move in is to start unpacking and storing kitchen appliances. So, sort your appliances. Start with those you use the most and plan to store them in reachable and convenient spots. And appliances you use rarely can be stored in more out-of-the-way spots. Also, to use the most of your space, consider getting rid of appliances that you never use. Now here’s how to store kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Toaster Kettle - How to store kitchen appliances
Get to know how to store kitchen appliances.

How to store kitchen appliances – Small appliances

For storing small appliances it’s best to use space on the top shelves of your upper kitchen cabinets. Also, you can stack some appliances on top of the cabinets. But, if you do it, make sure you use a dust cover for them because they will be exposed. By using these spaces for storing, you’ll be able to see and reach items easily. Also, they will not get in the way when you cook everyday meals and use other appliances.

Storing large appliances

 If you’re wondering how to organize kitchen appliances that are large and heavy, it’s advisable to use the lower shelves in a walk-in pantry. However, if you don’t have a pantry, you can use the space in the kitchen’s lower cabinets. Especially those you don’t open frequently. Keeping a large kitchen appliance below offers easy access to reach down for the item and then stand up. That’s safer than pulling a big and heavy appliance down from above the head. Also, in case you drop them, it has a shorter distance to fall.

Storing kitchen appliances in and outside of the home 

When you just don’t have enough space in your small kitchen to store all gadgets consider outside areas. Such as dining rooms, pantries, and overflow kitchen storage. Also, a closed cabinet in the garage, a closet in the house, or a place underneath the stairs can work for appliances you use on rare occasions. Even renting a storage unit nearby is a great option. Just make sure you use a guide to different types of storage bins to learn which ones to choose when storing. Regardless if you’re using your basement or garage as your storage, or you’re renting a self-storage facility you’ll need storage supplies. So, discover which one of those supplies works best for you.

Gold Dinnerware
You can store all those dinnerware in closed cabinets in the basement or garage.

Tips to use when you store kitchen appliances 

Before you put your rarely used appliances out of sight, make sure you use these tips.  

  • Clean every appliance. Ensure the item is free of grease, crumbs, and grime. 
  • If you’re storing them in the storage unit, garage, or basement, pit them in their original boxes. If you don’t have them, use an appropriate storage bin. 
  • Label every bin. 
  • Make a list of the pieces you’ve stored and the location of every item. 

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