How to store summer clothes the right way

Storing your belongings for the season is a thing each of us has to do. Here you have the option of storing these items in your attic or basement. However, if you lack space you can also easily rent a storage unit. Whichever way you go with it you should be aware that you have to keep the storage organized and protect your clothing well. The key is to keep these items safe and protected. With this in mind, you should know how to store summer clothes the right way. With some tips and tricks, you will not have to worry about the safety of our clothes and shoes.

What you should know

Storing your clothes has to be done in such a way as to provide the utmost protection of the fabrics you are storing. This process requires proper preparation and time to do it. In addition here is what you have to do if you want to store summer clothes the right way.

  • Get the right packing supplies
  • Sort your clothes
  • Wash and dry
  • Label
  • Avoid the vacuum

Get the right packing supplies

The key and the first step in this process is gathering the right storage supplies. Having the right boxes and bins is of paramount importance for the protection of your clothes. To store summer clothes the right way you need the right amount and size of these bins. Proper storage binds will protect your things from dust, humidity, dirt, and pests. So, try to get the correct number of bins and the right sizes you will require.

Cardboard boxes to store summer clothes the right way
Make sure you have the right packing supplies

Sort your clothes

To be organized when storing clothes and shoes try to categorize them. You can sort everything into different piles so that everything is easily identified and sorted. During this process, you should declutter. There are many benefits to doing this besides making a good organization of your storage space. So try to identify the things you do not use and give them away or throw them out. If you have a lot of items you don’t need you can easily organize a garage sale to declutter at least some of the clothing.

Wash and dry

Always put clean clothes in storage. Stains can attract bugs so make sure that your things are clean. So, take your time to clean stains from different sorts of fabrics if needed. In addition, you can pest-proof your storage area However, keep in mind that moisture also damages fabricks so make sure everything is dried properly.


Be organized and label every box. Knowing what’s inside will save you a lot of time and nerves when looking for something. Also, try to make a list if possible for more straightforward navigation among many boxes. This is the essential first step in organizing your storage and keeping it tidy and clean.

Summer clothes labeled boxes
Label your boxes for good organization and easy use

Avoid the vacuum

Although vacuum bags help you save storage space they can damage your clothing. When storing seasonal items for longer periods of time they can get damaged in these sorts of bags. So try to avoid them With proper folding and packing in boxes or bins you can still save some space without the risk of damage.

To conclude

It is important to know how to store summer clothes the right way and keep them safe and secure. All it takes is some time and knowledge to keep your belongings and storage space safe and organized. 

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