Ideal places in New Jersey for big families

When you have a big family, you are looking for a quiet small town to live in. A place where you know that your kid can be safe. Where they can have a proper childhood. Play outside with their friends, ride a bike down the street and explore their surroundings. Jersey is filled with towns like that, towns that are made for a big family to enjoy their life together. In this article, we are going to talk about ideal places in New Jersey for big families.

  • Mendham
  • West Cape May
  • Ridgewood
  • Princeton
  • Lambertville

First on our list of ideal places in New Jersey for big families is Mendham

Mendham is a township in central New Jersey, Morris County. It is a small town with only 4,500 citizens. Because the town is small, you will feel welcomed as soon as you arrive.

When you finally arrive in Mendham with your family, you will be able to bond together over the recreational activities that the town provides:

  • This town has a Teen Adventure Summer Camp. At this camp, your teenager will be able to visit parks: Dorney Park, Hershey Park, and many more. All of the trips will be chaperoned so that you don’t have to worry about your children.
  • In the summer you can go swimming on Brookside Beach. Here you can teach your children to swim and relax during the hot summer months.
  • Mendham has a lot of sports clubs. Little league, soccer club, baseball club, and many more. Your kid will be able to try out any sport that they want and find what they are truly passionate about.
  • The town has many parks and picnic areas, where you can spend a Sunday with your family.
an image of a ball in a goal net
Your kid will love the different sports clubs

Even though Mendham is a small township, it has a lot of activists for your children. Most importantly you get a strong sense of community. To get there, it’s best to turn to neighbors for assistance . Local Mendham movers will handle every part of the move. They have years of experience and will relocate you to this charming town stress-free.

West Cape May

Even smaller than Mendham, with a modest population of about 1,000 citizens. It is in West Cape County, New Jersey. The borough has a rich history. It was incorporated in 1884. The name of the borough comes from the Dutch captain, Cornelius Mey, who explored the area back in 1611-1614.
The borough organizes many events and festivals:

  • They have a Strawberry Festival which is organized every spring. People gather and enjoy one of the tastiest fruits the strawberry.
  • Every year there is a Summer Farmers’ market. The farmers’ market last ten weeks, all through summer. There the citizens can support local farmers and buy fresh and healthy produces. There are many more events in West Camp May, if you move there you will find that out for yourself.

West Cape May borough also has a great education system so that your kids can learn and prepare themselves for adulthood.

an image of a family
Ideal places in New Jersey for big families are easy to find, West Cape May being one of them.

Third, on our list of ideal places in New Jersey for big families is Ridgewood

Ridgewood, New Jersey is bigger than the previous two places on our list. It has a population of almost 25,000 citizens. Ridgewood is a village in Bergen County. To get there experts are the best help, they know the place and can get you in your home fast and with no delays. They have moved many people and have a lot of experience in packing, transporting and finally unpacking.

What makes Ridgewood alluring is that it’s only 20-miles away from Midtown Manhattan. Because of the proximity to Midtown Manhattan, you can enjoy quiet family life in the village, but whenever you need excitement, you can drive down to Manhattan or use public transport. This will also allow you to get a good job somewhere because Manhattan is full of opportunities.

Princeton, New Jersey

This town is for you if you want your kid to have a great education. Princeton is in Mercer County. The town has about 25,00 citizens. It is widely known because of Princeton University. Princeton University is an ivy league institution, it offers the best education in the world and it’s the fourth-oldest institution of higher education. Choosing Princeton as your ideal place in New Jersey for big families might make your kids work harder so they can study in this prestigious institution. The town has a young crowd because of the university. Notable places are:

  • The Princeton University Art Museum has many art pieces from different eras.
  • Albert Einsteins House, yes the one and only man, the man who proved that time is relative and that the speed of light is absolute.
an image of a chapel
Higher education is the best thing you can provide for your children

The final city on our list of ideal places in New Jersey is Lambertville

Lambertville in Hunterdon County has a population of about 3,800. The city lies on the Delaware River. You can go fishing on the river with your family and spend warm summer nights there. It has a rich city and because of its location, it played an important role in the Battle for Independence. It’s considered one of the most beautiful towns in New Jersey, and it is great if you have an elderly member in your family, too. There are a lot of parks and beautiful nature to explore and get some exercise. The citizens are proud of themselves because of their hospitality.

Van Express Movers can move you to your new home in Lambertville. They know the Garden State like the back of their hand and will get your stuff safe into your new home.


There are many more ideal places in New Jersey for big families we’ve just told you about some of them. The Garden State is a beautiful part of the United States and if you do some research, you can find exactly what you need for you and your family. It’s important to organize your move and pack properly, so you can have a stress-free relocation. Good luck!


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