Interesting ways to reuse moving materials

So you’ve finished your DIY move, or a company relocated you, and you don’t know what to do with your leftover packing materials. But now that the worst is over, you don’t have to worry. We are here to help you with interesting ways to reuse moving materials.

One of the interesting ways to reuse moving materials is to use them as storage

Packing materials don’t have one purpose, just to be used for a move. They are multipurpose, so let’s get into some of their uses. You can use your old moving boxes as storage in your house. Make a place for them in the garage or the attic and put memorabilia or photos in them.

an image of a man wrapping a box
Use your old boxes and wrapping materials for shipping

Another interesting way to reuse moving materials is to use them for shipping.

Right after you moved in, you want to start arranging furniture , but all of the packing materials are preventing. To help you clean up your new home from moving supplies, you should start using them for shipping. If any of the moving boxes and wrapping materials are in one shape, you can use them for shipping. Your supplies survived a move they, will not break apart no matter where you ship them.


Composting is using unwanted materials and seeing if they are biodegradable and have nutrients. These nutrients benefit anything you are growing. To move on to things you must do right after your move in, we recommend doing research. See what packing materials can be composted and see if your moving materials match it. With this tip, you will be clearing out your house in no time.

There are many uses for packing peanuts.

Check if your packing peanuts are biodegradable before throwing them away. But they have many uses:

One of the interesting ways to reuse moving materials like packing peanuts is to fill the bottom of a flowerpot. Because this will make the pot lighter, and it will help with drainage.

You can put them over sharp things, like nails and screws, so that you don’t cut yourself on the point edges

Put them on the back of the pictures to prevent them from damaging your wall

There are many uses for your bubble wrapping.

Bubble wrap is the most common packing material, and there are many interesting ways to reuse this moving material.

  • You can use it to relieve your stress. Pooping the bubbles is relaxing and can ease the mind.
  • Protect your outdoor plants by insulating them with bubble wrap. The warp will keep them nice and warm during wintertime.
an image of a pink gift box
One of the many interesting ways to reuse your moving materials is as gift boxes

Use smaller boxes as gift boxes.

You can use your smaller boxes, where you packed your jewelry when you moved, to wrap someone’s gift in them. Packing peanuts can be used for isolation. If you can’t reuse your moving materials store them, because they may be useful in the future.

Good luck!

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