Items you shouldn’t move by yourself

Do you have to relocate some special items for your new home or to a storage unit? Those items are usually items you shouldn’t move by yourself because they are large, heavy, and too valuable to take a risk.

The list of items you shouldn’t move by yourself

What items are too hard to move? Moving injuries are often, unfortunately, and some items are just impossible to handle by yourself.

  • Pianos are big, heavy, and too valuable. They are impossible to move without proper equipment and experienced movers.
A piano as one of the items you shouldn't move by yourself.
Have your old items in a new home and transport them properly
  • Fish tanks are one of the items you shouldn’t move by yourself because fishes cannot live without water and they need a lot of care when moving.
  • If you have exotic pets, you need a moving company that specialized in moving animals and pack and move terrarium (or a fish tank) with special attention.
  • Expensive art pieces should not be moved anyhow. They need special moving boxes and some of the art is sensitive to temperature changes.
  • For moving hot tubs, you need strong and experienced people, equipment, and a big moving vehicle. This is why you should not move it by yourself.
  • As well as pianos, pool tables are also difficult to move. Not only you can damage your pool table, but also, you can damage floors and walls when moving around the house. The billiard table should definitely be transported by professionals that are experienced.
  • Exercise (gym) equipment is not easy to move because you can easily get hurt.
  • Big-screen TV has sensitive parts and they are too big to move.
  • Moving plants require a lot of attention because they need light and water during moving. Having a special moving vehicle is a must, especially for a long-distance relocation, to keep your plants alive.
  • Wine bottles and other liquor should be moved in special boxes, especially if you have an expensive wine collection or you are moving a bar.

How to transport special items?

So, the next question is how to relocate all those items that cannot be moved easily? What to do in that case? Well, the best solution (and probably the only one) is to hire professionals to do it instead of you. Research moving companies with experience with moving special items and hire the best from your area. Visit different websites, and one of them to explore is

Things that are too large and heavy (such as piano for example), must be moved by professionals. It is impossible to move it by yourself, and even the smallest damage can be huge. Don’t risk, find a moving company, and solve the problem simple and easy. Also, get moving insurance, just in case – it is better to be safe than sorry.

A guy carrying a pile of cardboard boxes.
Don’t try to pack and transport items by yourself that are complicated to move

Be careful when moving large, big, and expensive things to a new home. Have someone experienced by your side and move stress-free.

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