Kid-friendly activities in San Gabriel 

San Gabriel is one of the best cities to move to in California. The city is located in San Gabriel Valley and is home to around 40,000 people. The cost of living in San Gabriel is above average compared to the rest of California, but it is worth it. Furthermore, the city can boast of a low crime rate and plenty of opportunities for fun. While on the topic of entertainment, The USA Moving is here to tell you all about the kid-friendly activities in San Gabriel. So, let’s dive in!

Kid-friendly activities in San Gabriel – La Laguna

The first thing we will talk about is La Laguna in Vincent Lugo Park. You can bring your kids there by car because there are street parking and private parking areas. When you get to La Laguna, your kids will fall in love with Benjamin Dominguez’s structures inspired by sea life. Your kids will have fun climbing the structures and using the slides. You should also bring toys you can use in the sand because the playground is covered by sand. To enjoy this playground every day, turn to local San Gabriel movers to make settling in easy for you and your kids. They will get you into your family home in San Gabriel swiftly. 

little boy playing in sand
La Laguna has plenty of sand for your kids to play in.

Check out Kids Klub San Gabriel/Rosemead with your kids

The second place suitable for children is Kids Klub San Gabriel/Rosemead. Kids Klub San Gabriel/Rosemead is on the border of two cities, San Gabriel and Rosemead. Kids Klub is a child development center you can enroll kids between infancy up to pre-kindergartner into. To get in, your child needs to apply and wait on the waiting list until they’re approved.

When your little one gets into the Kids Klub, you will need to pay tuition. But you will leave your child with the best teacher and the best education curriculum. Leave your youngsters there while you declutter your new home in San Gabriel. 

My Little Paris Café & Play

The final kid-friendly spot we will talk about is My Little Paris Café & Play. My Little Paris Café & Play is a wonderful family restaurant. In My Little Paris Café & Play, there is something for the parents and kids. They have healthy and nutritious meals for the children. On the other hand, parents can eat French pastries and dessert while the children play. If you want a more personal atmosphere, you can rent a play space for your family. Finally, you won’t have to worry about cleanliness since the staff of My Little Paris Café & Play sensitizes the play areas regularly.

Want to be a My Little Paris Café & Play regular? Well, how about you move to San Gabriel with the help of hard-working and capable movers like the ones provided by That way, you can enjoy the atmosphere of this unique place whenever you feel like it!

donuts and bagel display
One of the kid-friendly activities in San Gabriel is going to My Little Paris Café & Play and eating pastries while your kids play.


These are some of the kid-friendly activities in San Gabriel – when you move there, you will discover more. If you decide to employ moving assistance, make sure to do a background check on them beforehand. And finally, good luck! We know you can make it!

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