Lovely weekend getaway places near Miami

Working too much can be very exhausting. That is why you need to know the weekend getaway places near Miami that you can visit whenever you please. Miami is a very nice city, that is true. But when you need some peace and quiet, it’s the direct opposite of where you should be. Luckily, these days there are plenty of cheap flights that can take you anywhere you wish to go around Miami. And you should treat yourself to a plane ticket and a hotel stay. Alternatively, you can take a road trip! Find the top Miami suburbs for families or adults where you should go and start planning. The sooner the better!

Among the best weekend getaway places near Miami is Key Largo

Amazing beaches and crystal clear waters don’t exist only in the Caribbeans, but near Miami, too! Key Largo is only 75 minutes south of Miami and is the perfect example of such a place. Many people choose this place as their getaway destination because they often have a feeling they are in a tropical paradise. There is so much to do and see here. But mostly, beach and water activities will take your breath away. You can even explore an underwater world in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. And the best thing about Key Largo is that you don’t need your passport! You should also know that this park preserves and protects the country’s only living coral reef. So yes, this will be a special place.

Many people that visit this place want to stay here for good. If your case happens to be more or less the same, you should know that there are long-distance movers from Miami that can make this possible. You just need to decide if you want to move here and stay for good. It is not a surprise if you thought about this, how can you not? This place is perfect, and the lifestyle is different when compared to Miami. No stress, everything that you do, you do slowly. These people really know how to enjoy their lives. Furthermore, one interesting fact you should know about this place is that there are more than 178 nautical square miles for snorkeling, diving, or even for boat tours. Whatever it is that you love. It is also great for bird lovers since they can get close to many different species of birds.

Girl snorkeling and showing that everything is fine.
Are there better weekend getaway places near Miami than those where you can go snorkeling?

If you are more into shopping, West Palm Beach is the place for you

You will need about an hour to get to West Palm Beach. It is north of Miami, and this place offers a lot more than just beaches and palm tree views. If you are someone that is into cultural attractions and shopping, this will be one of the perfect weekend getaway places for you. Perhaps even one of the best places to move to! First, you should know that there are amazing museums that you can visit, such as the North Museum of Art. In this museum, you can learn about the masterpieces made by various American and European artists from the 19th and 20th centuries. Also, there are some bronze artifacts and Chinese jade that are one of the best in the world.

Another place that is very famous among people that go to West Palm Beach is the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts. This is an amazing place if you want to catch a show. If you are more into shopping rather than checking out history and art, there is another place for you. You can visit the city’s famous Antique Row which provides over 50 antique stores, some art galleries, and specialty shops. And the best part about this place is that everything is within a walking distance.

Another one of the weekend getaway places you should think about is Lake Okeechobee

Just a couple hours’ drive from Miami you will find yourself at the biggest lake in Florida, Okeechobee. This lake extends over 730 square miles and offers visitors a chance to take part in various activities. Depending on which section of shoreline you want to go, or simply end up at, you could go fishing. It is recommended for people that are stressed out at their work because it has calming powers. Once you are done fishing, you can find plenty of amazing places in nature where you can set up a tent and enjoy the views. Also, Lake Okeechobee is amazing for watching wildlife or simply going for a hike around the lake.

There is a scenic trail that is about 110 miles long. It encircles the lake, and many people go on walks there. But don’t be surprised if you see people on their bikes or even people that are horseback riding. Many people from Miami when they visit this place for the first time try to buy a property that they can have near the lake for their weekend getaways. And that is what you can do if you really enjoy being in this place. But we recommend you ask for a piece of advice from your 24/7 Logistics Services because it can easily happen that relocation to this place is not possible. So first inform yourself, then continue planning.

In most of weekend getaway places near Miami you can go fishing.
If you had a stressful week, or even a month at work, it is time for you to go fishing.

If these places are too quiet for you, you can always go to Orlando

When you have a family, you need to plan your weekend getaway places near Miami together with them. Especially if you have kids. They won’t like to go to the lake or spend their time in nature. For them, it is better to go on some adventures. And you are aware of the fact that Orlando is the best place for that. There are many different amusement parks and even six parks just at the Walt Disney Resort. Of course, there is the famous Universal Orlando which has three parks of its own. So yes, it will be difficult to decide where exactly you want to go. But you should include your kids in this one. They are the reason why you are going there, after all.

You need to make sure that you book a hotel in one of those resorts on time. No matter what season it is, these places are always overbooked. And you don’t want to disappoint your children. In addition, if you prefer to rent a private villa for a weekend where you can be alone with your family without any disturbances, you should inform yourself about the villa cleaning services, because they can be very expensive and mandatory. But we recommend that you stay in one of Orlando’s resorts because your kids will have a better experience.

One of the weekend getaway places you shouldn’t miss is the Marco Island

You could say that Marco Island is a hidden gem that not many people have heard of. And that makes it even more precious and perfect. This place is located in the Gulf of Mexico, and it is the largest barrier island within Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands area. If you plan to go by car, you will be able to get there in two hours maximum. Just keep driving west of Miami and you will get there. The best thing about Marco Island is that this entire island is surrounded by emerald water and soft white sand. So many people have trouble believing this place even exists, and it is just two hours away from their homes.

There are lots of things that you can do on this island. The most popular activities are those that are water-related. This is no surprise since the water looks so perfect that you wouldn’t want to get out of it. So, you can find activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, and even fishing. Be prepared to dine in most exclusive fishing restaurants where they serve only fresh seafood. You will be able to take a boat tour and explore all the undeveloped parts of this island and the other islands around it, too. So, get ready for an amazing weekend getaway that will feel like you are dreaming!

Aerial view of a boat on the shore.
Go on those boat tours, you will love them.

Finally, you can always go to Fort Myers

If you are looking for an outdoor adventurer’s paradise kind of weekend getaway places near Miami, then Fort Myers is the place for you. There are many activities that you can do throughout the entire year. And this is a perfect place for couples. A piece of advice, though: You might want to go here during February so you can visit the ArtFest that is being held here annually. There are lots of places to choose from, so explore all of them!

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