Massachusetts’ most family-friendly places

No matter whether thinking about moving to Massachusetts for the long run or just temporarily, if doing so with your family it is important that you choose a family-friendly place. There are plenty of cities both big and small in Massachusetts to consider moving to if you have children or plan on having children. Living in one of many family-friendly places in Massachusetts will make your family life much easier and better. This is a small state but surely a state with plenty of options when it comes to family-friendly places. This is why we want to tell you more about some of these places. Moving to Massachusetts is a great idea and if you have been thinking about doing just that, this I the article for you. Here is where you can read about some of the most desirable family-friendly places in Massachusetts to consider moving to. There are plenty of them but these ones are where we would recommend moving to. You will shortly realize why.


The first out of a couple of places we will tell you more about is Gloucester. It is an amazing place to live in for dozens of reasons and we are here to tell you about some of them. The first thing that makes it an amazing place to move to is the fact that it is a coastal town. It is located on Cape Ann. So this is almost like a peninsula. It is a very lovely small fisherman’s town. There are plenty of beaches as well as ports. This is perfect for families with children. You can always go to the beach and have a fun day by the ocean.

View of the ocean from the coast.
There are plenty of things that make moving to Gloucester an amazing idea.

You can also sit in one of the many restaurants that are to be found here. The best part about living in this city is the fact that fresh seafood is easy to find. You can get it on every step. There are plenty of locally-owned seafood shops here whose owners are fishermen and are bringing fresh supplies every day. Seafood is the best food and it is very healthy which means that your children could have a very healthy diet if you decide to move here and shop in these local stores.

Gloucester has amazing housing to which you can move in quickly and trouble-free with the help of local Gloucester movers that are to be found here. This is an affordable town to live in. This goes for housing as well. And it is exactly one of the things that make this one of the best family-friendly places to move to.


There are plenty of counties in Massachusetts but Essex County is by far the best one to live in, as many say. One of the towns in Essex County is Swampscott. It is a town located very close to Boston which is one of the reasons why plenty of people consider moving to this amazing town and so should you. This is where a lot of people who are moving for a job are moving to as it is a lovely town. It is a very small town but it surely has everything you need.

And even if it doesn’t, you have Boston just a short drive away from there. But heading to Boston frequently won’t be the case as Swampscott is able to provide you with everything you need. And if you don’t see yourself living here after you spend some time here, you can always hire to move you to another city.

Boston from afar.
Living near Boston is what a lot of people want hence why moving to Swampscott is a great idea.

There are plenty of shops here, both big and small locally-owned ones. You will find plenty of parks and golf courses here as well which means you will have plenty of things to do with your family. This is a very laid-back place to live in and it is exactly what makes it a perfect place for families. Swampscott is safe and quiet but that surely doesn’t mean it is boring. There are restaurants and bars to be found here, as well as clubs. This is important for young couples who are planning on starting a family. You will be able to meet plenty of people here by just going out one night. This is why plenty of Americans are moving to Swampscott.


The best thing about this place is the fact that housing is easy to find. No matter whether planning on renting or buying a home, you will be able to find one you like here. You can always firstly rent a home until you find one you want to buy. And when the time to move comes, you can contact teams in the neighborhood to assist with the move.

Massachusetts house.
The housing here is amazing and it is easy to find.

More family-friendly places to consider moving to

As we said there are plenty of family-friendly places in Massachusetts to consider moving to. And we don’t want to give you just two examples of where moving to with your family would be a great idea. There are more places to consider. One of them surely is Amherst. A very lovely town with plenty of things to do. If you want to live in a big city, you can move to the third biggest city in the state and that is Springfield. Living in Springfield is a great idea for those who have children going to high school. Brookline is another place to consider. One thing is for certain, dealing with homesickness won’t be the case. All these places are a great option for anyone, not just families.

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