Mistakes to avoid when moving your stuff into a storage unit

Having a storage unit is amazing for plenty of reasons and a lot of people in the country seem to be using them for storing a plethora of different items. Some people use them temporarily and some use them for years and years for storage. No matter how long you are planning to use a storage unit, there are certain things you must know about moving your stuff into a storage unit and packing them. There are certain mistakes people make when doing these things and you definitely want to avoid them if you want to make the most out of your storage unit and keep your belongings safe. If that is exactly what you were looking to find, you came to the right place because we as experts can tell you all about it.

1. Choosing a storage unit of the wrong size

The most common mistake people make when they want to move their belongings to a storage unit is choosing the wrong sized storage unit. People usually rent a storage unit that is too small for all the things that they wanted to store. This is mostly influenced by the fact that smaller storage units are much cheaper. This makes people believe that they will be able just to stack their belongings into this small storage unit. But in fact, this is a huge mistake to make. This is only going to make your storage unit inconvenient. How come? Well, if you don’t have enough room for everything, you will need to move into a bigger storage unit soon. This just creates additional work and costs which is something you definitely want to avoid.

Storage units.
Make sure that your storage unit isn’t too small.

Not only is choosing a storage unit that is too small bad because you will have to change it in the future, but it is also bad because small storage units can get messy very easily. This is also something you don’t want to deal with. Having a messy storage unit is nothing but a bad idea. This means that if you end up needing something from your storage unit at one point, you will have to deal with a lot of mess to get to it. Having a well-organized storage unit is as important as having a tidy home. You never know what could happen and why you would need something from your storage unit. Luckily, companies such as PortaBox Storage Seattle can help you pick the right sized storage unit.

2. Choosing a storage unit without adequate security

A lot of people seem to believe that a big metal door is going to keep their belongings safe. And it is, but that isn’t enough. There are plenty of people who rob storage units that are unsafe. And choosing such a storage unit is not good at all. When looking for units, make sure that they are well-protected. You want video surveillance and a guard that is going to keep the storage units safe. This is an important thing to check before renting a storage unit. As moving companies are usually the ones renting storage units, make sure you check and understand local moving companies reviews.

Security guard.
Your storage unit facility needs proper security for plenty of reasons.

3. Bad conditions in the storage unit

The third most common mistake you could make when moving your stuff into a storage unit is not checking the condition of the storage units that they are renting. A lot of the times, storage units have leaks or problems with moisture. And as you are keeping your belongings here, you definitely don’t want to be dealing with these things. We can tell you that Seattle offers quality storage and plenty of other cities have good quality storage units, but you will have to go and see them in person before renting them.

4. Not packing the right way

When you find a storage unit that is safe and big enough for all the things you want to store inside, you have to pack your items for storage. And this is not as easy as you think. A lot of people make mistakes when packing their items. Or even worse, they don’t make any effort to pack the items, they just put them in a storage unit as they are. This is surely not something you should do. Because if you decide to do this, why rent out a storage unit in the first place? That way, your belongings won’t be safe and they will easily get damaged while stored away. This just makes paying for a storage unit pointless. If you really want to keep something the way it is but away from home, you will have to put in the effort to pack it the right way. The same way you would do your best to pack for an upcoming relocation, you need to pack your belongings for storing.

No matter what you are storing, you need to pack it the right way.

5. Using the wrong supplies for packing

Use plastic boxes as they are sturdier and much easier to handle when moving your stuff into a storage unit. They usually come with handles that make them easier to carry around. Purchasing clear plastic boxes is also a great idea as you will be able to see through them. This comes in handy if you need anything from your storage room as you won’t have to open every single box and check what is inside. Plastic boxes are also more durable and you can use them for as long as you like. They are waterproof which adds extra safety to your belongings.

They might cost a bit more than cardboard boxes but they sure are a good investment to make if you are planning on moving your stuff into a storage unit for a longer period of time. And if you want to use cardboard boxes in order to save money on packing material, you should definitely create a list of things and label your boxes so you can easily find what you are looking for. You should also use plastic foil to wrap your belongings as well as bubble pack to protect them from breaking. If you end up using cardboard boxes, wrap them with foil too in order to make them more durable and water-resistant.

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